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Rick Spielman

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tramaine brock
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The Minnesota Vikings acquired cornerback Tramaine Brock from the Seattle Seahawks in a trade, sending over a seventh-round pick to Seattle.

The Minnesota Vikings’ cornerback depth concerns did not go unnoticed by general manager Rick Spielman and the front office. So they acted.

According to Mike Garafolo of, the Vikings acquired veteran cornerback Tramaine Brock from the Seattle Seahawks to bolster the depth at the position.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed, adding that the Vikings gave up just a seventh-round pick to secure Brock.

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Skol Scale
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Vikings Territory content maker Drew Mahowald recaps the preseason and delivers the fourth Skol Scale reading of 2017. (NOTE: This was originally published before the the Tramaine Brock trade was reported and has since been edited.)

I warned all of you about this in my last Skol Scale post.

And yet, here we are.

The Minnesota Vikings have wrapped up their preseason, and now it’s time to ball. Actually ball. In games that matter.

I warned the fantastic and loyal readers of Vikings Territory about jumping to conclusions after preseason games. It’s unhealthy and causes unnecessary fluctuation of the heart rate. Preseason results do not correlate to regular season results. But you did it anyway.

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Purple FTW! Podcast: Vikings-Dolphins Recap: The Preseason is Dead. Long Live the Preseason. (ep. 407)

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings mercifully wrapped up the preseason Thursday getting boatraced by the Miami Dolphins at Historic US Bank Stadium. Even though the game was an exhibition, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important for the bottom of the roster players. We talk about who made some dough and who’s going to be kneeding dough at Domino’s next week.

Today’s Talkers Include:
• Dissecting Rick Spielman’s Comments
• Cayleb Jones Made Himself Some Money
• Eric Wilson is Making the 53
• The Mandatory Mitch Leidner Talking Point
• Taylor YOLO Heinicke
• Mackenzie Alexander. Bruh.
• Rodney Adams is Not Making the Team
• Other Jabronis Not Making It
• Loose Ends

All that and more “NFL Participant Mitch Leidner” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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Vikings Territory staffer Drew Mahowald presents the second edition of his brand new segment for the 2017 season, the Skol Scale.

Football has begun.

It’s August, which means Minnesota Vikings training camp is underway. It also means the Skol Scale meter has begun fluctuating.

For readers who aren’t familiar, the Skol Scale acts as a measuring device for the optimism I feel about the Vikings on a 1-10 scale. It considers everything that could impact the team’s success, from injuries to off-field issues to scheme and personnel changes.

The inaugural calculation of the Skol Scale spat out a score of 6.5 factoring in several good and bad factors that took course throughout the offseason.

Through eight practices in Mankato, several new storylines have already begun to form. How have they impacted the Skol Scale?

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The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings will have Sam Bradford as their wheelman heading into the 2017 season. But is he the long-term answer for the heist? We chat about that along with (hopefully) putting a bow on #Kombuchagate, excerpt from my BULL with Andy Carlson chat with Emory Hunt (@FBallGameplan) about Sam/Teddy and why he’s big on Dalvin Cook, and bring it on home with a wide-ranging talk with Ted Glover (@purplebuckeye) of The Daily Norseman.

Today’s Talkers Include:
• Can This Please Be the End of Kombucha Gate?
• Is Sam Bradford Worth $20 Million Per Year?
• Emory Hunt Talking Teddy/Bradford and Dalvin Cook
• Interview with Ted Glover of The Daily Norseman

All that and more “Fireworks Are Stupid” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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