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keeping mike wallace
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Any way you look at it, Mike Wallace’s first season with the Vikings was a disappointment. He was acquired last offseason to be a deep threat for Teddy Bridgewater and, presumably, resemble a number one receiver. Neither really came to fruition; Wallace posted career lows in receiving yards, yards per catch, and touchdowns, and his longest reception was 34 yards. While he did find a workmanlike niche in the offense, there wasn’t a single game in which Wallace made a major splash. In all, it wasn’t the game-changing presence the Vikings had hoped for.

Wallace is signed through 2017, and owed $11.5 million each of the next two years. That would make him the fourth-highest paid receiver in the league for 2017—not exactly a slot that matches his production. For that reason, many Vikings fans are in favor of cutting bait and using the money elsewhere. However, there are plenty of reasons it makes sense to bring the speedy receiver back for 2016. Here are a few:

Matt Engstrom Vikings Illustrations Vikings Wall Collection
Vikings Wall Collection - by Matt Engstrom

Matt Engstrom Sidebar AdIt’s been a while since we’ve posted some new Minnesota Vikings illustrations from our very talented, resident illustrator Matt Engstrom. If you remember, after the 2014 season, we posted a library of incredible drawings that documented that year’s games. Today, we’re happy to add more to our collection of Matt’s work after he graciously “opened his vault” and shared it all.

Matt’s illustrations are able to say so much with so little. He’s able to capture the entire spectrum of emotions we feel as Vikings fans through the adventures of the Vikings character he created.

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In 2014, ESPN released a film that detailed the journey of former Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss’ to the NFL. ‘Rand University’ is one of many films to be released as part of the successful ESPN ’30 for 30′ documentary series.

The film appeared to give a unique, inside look to the struggles that Moss endured before he achieved success in the NFL. Recently, Moss revealed his own thoughts on the film and the people that took part in creating it.

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Randy Moss dazzled Vikings fans every time he stepped on the football field in a purple jersey and now his son will be catching passes for a Division I college football program. Thaddeus Moss made his announcement via Twitter that he has committed to play football for the Wolfpack of North Carolina State.

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Some aspects of following an NFL team are just plain silly and giving two hoots about a mascot are one of them. Unless you happen to be a pet detective, that is.

With that being said, Ragnar employed some attention-seeking (and probably money making) antics on FOX this morning that has drawn some reactions of disbelief and disgust from Vikings fans.

Ragnar, who reportedly wanted $20,000 per game on a ten year contract for his services, was not a renewed feature of the Vikings home experience following 2014.

Joseph Juranitch, the real name behind the Ragnar character, took part in the morning television bit that ultimately ended with him replacing his horns with a cheesehead and chanting “Go-Pack-Go.” This all seemed to leave former Vikings receiver, and current FOX personality, Randy Moss a little miffed.

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