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Vikings. Zombies. What else is there really?

Adam Carlson (co-editor of The Viking Age & co-host of the Purple People Podcast) joined the show to talk Vikings Football and The Walking Dead as Adam is also editor of the popular Walking Dead fansite Undead Walking.

The Vikings-Zombies connection is appropriate given that there is NO fanbase out there that dies a little inside every Sunday, but comes right back the next week like fans of the Men of the North…

We talk about the important stuff: How was Year One of Zim & Teddy? What’s Adrian’s future? What will 2015 hold for the Vikings? Why should people slow their roll on Duron Carter? Which Walking Dead character is most like Mike Zimmer? (Hint: Not Shane)

We discuss all that and more on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

Full episode after the jump.

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Purple For The Win Podcast

[Note this is a cross-post from Purple FTW]

Vikings football never sleeps. Perhaps that’s why we’re 0-for-4 in the Super Bowl as sleep deprivation can be a mother.

Purple FTW has had a nice little break since the Vikings season ended (Insert – “Your team didn’t make the playoffs joke here”). But it’s high time to get back at it. The NFL is now a year-round league, ipso-facto this mom & pop podcast is now year-round too.

So we’re back on the weekly schedule.

This Thursday January 22nd, we’ll get a live report from the Senior Bowl with our man Luke Inman. He’ll point out a gem or two that Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Rick Spielman should keep his eye on for The Draft.

After that, new episodes will drop every Tuesday evening starting on the 27th. Most shows will feature a guest interview, although some weeks it’ll just be me mumbling on about how we need a true free safety so Harrison can spend more time down in the box where he’s best utilized.

Upcoming Episodes
• JAN 22nd (PM) – Senior Bowl Fiesta with Luke Inman
• JAN 27th – Adam CarlsonThe Viking Age & Purple People Podcast
• JAN 29th – Super Bowl Preview Special
• FEB 3rd – Andrew Renschen – Writer for First Round Grade
• FEB 17th – Christopher Gates – Founder of The Daily Norseman
• FEB 24th – Lindsey Young – Vikings Territory
• MAR 3rd – Free Agent Target Special

• APR 28th – Official Draft Preview
• MAR 5th – Draft Recap – WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??!?

Also the plan is to do several LIVE shows from Mankato during training camp. Come to an arrangement with a local watering hole, plop down the gear, and have our favorite guests stroll into the Purple FTW! Thunderdome at their leisure to drop some nuggets about our 2015 Vikings. I’d also love to meet the awesome fan(s) of our humble podcast.

Bottomline is The Dirty Man is back for the offseason and looking forward to the most anticipated season that I can remember in my Vikings fandom. 2015 is gonna be a helluva ride. #GoalSantaClara



When the Minnesota Vikings selected Virginia Tech defensive back Antone Exum with the 182nd pick in the 2014 NFL draft, some pundits said he just might be the steal of the draft.

Justin Cates, Associate Editor of SB Nation’s Gobbler Country who covers the Virginia Tech Hokies, said Exum is a first or second round talent but injuries dropped him into the final day of the draft.

“Exum’s natural fit is at safety, though he played well during his junior season at corner. He likes to hit guys and he has good ball skills, but he proved to be a little too stiff compared to the top corners in the game. Look at Kendall Fuller’s hips and then watch Exum and you will see what I mean. Still he’s a safety that can cover and he’s a pretty good tackler who can help in support against the run.”

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 Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer has a great track record of getting the most out of his linebackers. After the Vikings selected Anthony Barr with 9th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, Zimmer is certainly excited to get an opportunity to mold Barr into the dynamic playmaker he thinks he can be. Zimmer has never had a linebacker with the size, speed and athleticism of the 6-5 255 pound UCLA product. Barr has extreme potential but he is very raw and still learning the linebacker position. Barr was not used as an off-the-line backer nor was he asked to drop into coverage often. 

Anthony Barr had some monster hits and big plays last season, but for the most part he didn’t show up on tape as often as expected. Part of that is because he spent a good chunk of time lined up on the line of scrimmage, sometimes in a three point stance trying to bull rush offensive tackles. Barr is not a strength power player, he is more of a finesse speed guy that will benefit when moved to a more traditional linebacker position.

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Good morning, everyone. The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us. Christmas morning for adult football nerds! Draftniks, Twitter scouts and Youtube game footage analysts rejoice!

I wanted to start the day off by letting everyone know what our plans are for the draft. While both Adam and I have been in hiding (Arif, Carl and Leslie have done an absolutely stellar job of holding down the fort in our absence) we will reemerge for this wonderful day. Yes, Adam is still alive and well for those of you that have inquired…

Of course, VT will be having a live chat for the draft. Adam and myself will be there for the entirety of Day 1 and 2. Day 3 will be a little slower but we will both likely be in and out throughout Saturday. We hope that all of you will join in and chat with us. There will be a lot to discuss, analyze, predict, etc. I couldn’t think of a better group of people to spend Draft Day with.


Arif will have media access to the Vikings tomorrow and will be performing duties for our friends at the Daily Norseman. He’s promised to feed me some inside news occasionally to make up for his absence so look forward to that! You’ll also want to be sure to check out some of the awesome content he’s bound to generate tomorrow.

Arif, Adam and myself will likely also be sharing our takes via Twitter. So, if you aren’t following us there (why aren’t you, again?), our usernames are below:

@vikingterritory – Adam

If you’re like me, you’ll have your VT Consensus Top 200 Big Board in hand thanks to Arif. If you missed Arif’s excellent post regarding the generation of his consensus big boards, you should definitely check it out. If you are lazy and just want the big board for your own use, you can find a printable version here.

Day 1 begins at 8:00 PM EST. I will be in and out the chat throughout the day but will definitely take a seat in the room, so to speak, about an hour or so before the draft begins.

We’ll see you guys there! And again, Happy Draft Day!


While you can still use the above big board, Arif has updated the board this morning to reflect the latest and greatest consensus rankings. The board can be found here. We will do our best to update the board throughout the draft to show who’s been drafted and who’s still available. Only a few more hours!

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