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This is it, the final three games of the 2016 NFL season and the Minnesota Vikings basically need to win all of them to even have a shot at making the playoffs. There are scenarios where the Vikings can get into the postseason with one more loss, but their chances dramatically decrease if they can only win two out of their final three games.

So first in line for Minnesota to focus on are the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have won their last three games on the road and this matchup just happens to be in the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium (a place where Minnesota has lost two of their last three games).

What are some tactics that the Vikings can use in order to get a win on Sunday and keep their name in the NFC playoff picture?

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Adrian Peterson
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It’s not official, but Adrian Peterson’s set to return to the field for the Minnesota Vikings. On a Friday afternoon radio appearance with Dash Radio, Peterson declared he’s “ready to roll” when the Vikings take on the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday.

“Being out there confirmed I’m ready to roll,” Peterson said, per the Star Tribune’s Andrew Krammer. “I’ve had my head in the playbook.”

Peterson suffered a torn meniscus in Week 2 against the Green Bay Packers and returned to the practice field this week. With three practices under his belt and a titanium brace on his right knee, Peterson feels comfortable enough to join his teammates for Minnesota’s final playoff push.

For Peterson to play, the team will need to officially activate the 31-year-old running back and make a roster move. No such action’s been taken, but the Vikings did designate Peterson to return from Injured Reserve earlier this week and could realistically move him to the active roster by Sunday morning.

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Purple Kool Aid
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That 5-0 start really skewed perceptions, huh? Here we are, sitting at 7-6, with a 19 percent chance of making the playoffs. It’s been a rocky ride, to say the least, and there’s no knowing how it’ll end. One thing’s true, though — 2016 has been a disappointing season for the Minnesota Vikings.

The offseason found our cups full of Purple Kool-Aid; Teddy Bridgewater was set to take the “next step,” Adrian Peterson had just won his third rushing title, and Mike Zimmer’s defense was on the brink of dominance. Some of that optimism took hold, but for the most part, expectations dissipated with every devastating injury.

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Minnesota Vikings-Indianapolis Colts

060As the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings prepare to take the field of battle versus Lieutenant General Andrew Jerome Luck and the Indianapolis Colts Cavalry Sunday at Historic US Bank Stadium, we hold down the home front and run through a litany of Purple talkers on a Wednesday.

Today’s Bayonet Charge Talking Points Include
• Mike Zimmer’s a Tough Son of a Gun
• Adrian Peterson Returns to Practice
• Vikings Headed to London, Again
• Toby Johnson Come on Down!
• The Salary Cap is Going Up
• Playoff Mentality
• Adam Thielen’s Season is Amazing
• NFL Changes A Crucial Catch Parameters
The JCPenney Commercial is the Dumbest Commercial Ever

All that and more “The Savage Norsemen with the One-Eyed Leader” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint


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Vikings to Play Browns in London
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Despite their recent struggles, the Minnesota Vikings remain a popular draw, both in the United States and overseas. U.S. Bank Stadium is the crown jewel of NFL venues; a home fit for Norse kings. But next season, the team will travel to England to face the Cleveland Browns as part of the NFL’s London Games.

The NFL released its slate of four international games on Tuesday morning, which include matchups between the Saints and Dolphins, Ravens and Jaguars, and Cardinals and Rams. The Vikings will serve as road opponents to the Browns, with the game being played in Week 7 (October 22, 2017) or Week 8 (October 29, 2017).

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