Saturday, May 27, 2017

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The first wave of free agency has come and gone. The Minnesota Vikings didn’t land the White Whales the fanbase wanted (Kelechi Osemele or George Iloka), but I think we’re fine settling for the White Rhino in Alex Boone. We dive into him as well as the other depth free agent signings the Purple made. I also take a look at other potential future Vikings still on the market and what the plan should be with our own unrestricted free agents.

All that and other “Stop Typing So Loud, Tomasson” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast.

An Andy Carlson Joint

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The new NFL league year began at 4:00 PM eastern yesterday afternoon, allowing all teams to officially sign free-agents to their roster. At 4:01 PM, a mind boggling amount of contract signings had already been agreed upon throughout the entire league.

The Minnesota Vikings were certainly not shy about wanting to improve their roster yesterday. Spots were filled and depth was added as the Vikings are hoping their new players will help the team repeat as NFC North division champions in 2016.

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Splashy? Not really, no. That’s not Rick Spielman’s style, and day one of free agency ends with Vikings Nation’s two most coveted targets—guard Kelechi Osemele and safety George Iloka—signing elsewhere. But there’s a lot to smile about for Vikings fans. The team made numerous moves, most notably bringing in former 49ers guard Alex Boone and former Titans safety Michael Griffin, and resigning Mike Harris, and the refusal to shell out huge money may turn out to be the smart move in the long run (as it often is). And there’s more to come; numerous outlets have indicated the Vikings aren’t done, and there are still questions about whether or not the team will bring back some of it’s own free agents. So, in no particular order, here are a few thoughts and questions after day one:

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First off, I just want to say “thank you” to all of you readers that have made Vikings Territory one of your destinations on such a busy and fun opening day of free agency. Austin Belisle has been rocking the Live Blog for three straight days like an animal (while also battling the flu) and we plan to keep that going for at least one more day.

Our servers were tested on Wednesday, and sometimes failed the test, but it is great to be a part of such a passionate fan base and see our little corner of the internet getting a little more popular every year. Thank you, again, for being the best damn football fans this side of the north pole.

Anyways, the Vikings organization had a very busy opening day of free agency, and there is a fresh crop of new players to discuss at length between now and September. More immediately, however, it is interesting to note that not a single 2015 Vikings player has yet to officially become a “former Minnesota Viking.”

If you’ve been monitoring our list of Vikings free agents you’ll notice that the Vikings retained seven of their own, but the remaining 10 have yet to be signed by any of the NFL’s 32 franchises.

Rhett Ellison

There was some drama surrounding Ellison today when, apparently, Ellison’s father took to Facebook to tell people he wouldn’t be returning to Minnesota. The post was deleted pretty quickly and promptly replaced with a few Twitter reports suggesting he was talking to the Vikings about a return.

Regardless of what is really going on, the Vikings can’t count on Ellison being available to start the 2016 season thanks to his Week 17 injury last year. The Vikings could certainly be in the market for another tight end this offseason.

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The Minnesota Vikings went into this offseason widely believed to be in need of some safety help across from Harrison Smith. Veteran safety Michael Griffin appears to be in the mix to fill that role.

Despite the impressive contract numbers they gave 2015 Andrew Sendejo a few days ago, everyone believed they would seek more outside help via free agency or the NFL Draft. Griffin (age 31) appears to be signing that aims to bring more serious competition to Mankato after the Vikings missed out on blue chip possibility George Iloka.


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