Sunday, November 29, 2015

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According to Chris Mortensen at ESPN, Adrian Peterson could face a suspension in his child injury case regardless of a Texas court verdict. The league owners held a meeting last week, and among the many topics included punishment sans conviction, which they agreed was possible for the league to do.

In the case of Adrian Peterson, Mortensen reports that sources say this is another one of those cases, to go alongside Adam Pacman Jones, Ben Roethlisberger and Brandon Marshall.

This is because any facts established in a legal proceeding themselves can be used in regards to the personal conduct policy, regardless of the court’s final verdict—where the law and the NFL’s personal conduct policy do not need to coincide.

Adrian Peterson has admitted to nearly everything he is accused of outside of intent—so the facts of the case as it regards the NFL should not be difficult to establish.

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The inactives list is out for both teams in the Lions-Vikings game, including marquee players like Teddy Bridgewater and Harrison Smith (in) and Chad Greenway, Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson (out). For the Vikings:

Mauti, Michael LB Foot FP FP FP Probable Active
McKinnon, Jerick RB Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Bridgewater, Teddy QB Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Asiata, Matt RB Groin FP FP FP Probable Active
Patterson, Cordarrelle WR Hip LP LP FP Probable Active
Floyd, Sharrif DT Elbow LP LP FP Probable Active
Smith, Harrison FS Ankle DNP LP LP Questionable Active
Greenway, Chad LB Hand/Rib DNP DNP DNP Doubtful Inactive
Rudolph, Kyle TE Abdomen DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Wentworth, Austin OL None Inactive
Watts, Brandon LB None Inactive
Line, Zach FB None Inactive
Yankey, David OG None Inactive
Crichton, Scott DE None Inactive

A large injury report, but no real worries, as nearly every play who is active, save Harrison Smith, participated fully in practice on Friday. Nothing hugely unexpected: the Vikings were optimistic about Harrison Smith this last week and pessimistic about Chad Greenway. With Kyle Rudolph and Greenway out, the Vikings have said that Rhett Ellison and Gerald Hodges are the starters.

Teddy Bridgewater is active and starting, like Vikings fans hoped.

It looks like Zach Line was promoted to see the bench.

For the Lions:

Couplin, Jerome S Ribs LP FP FP Probable Active
Bell, Joique RB Concussion FP FP FP Probable Active
Riddick, Theo RB Hamstring FP FP FP Probable Active
Vaughn, Cassius CB Ankle FP FP FP Probable Active
Bush, Reggie RB Ankle DNP DNP DNP Questionable Inactive
Fauria, Joseph TE Ankle DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Johnson, Calvin WR Ankle DNP DNP DNP Doubtful Inactive
Lewis, Travis LB Quadricep DNP DNP DNP Out Inactive
Moore, Kellen QB None Inactive
Webster, Larry DE None Inactive
Reynolds, Garrett OT None Inactive

Huge deal: the Lions are without star receiver and potent running weapon Calvin Johnson and Reggie Bush, which figures to be a huge downer for them. The Lions are 1-4 without Calvin (though admittedly that may not mean a lot—they are 36-74 with him) and one of those wins (and one loss) was against Minnesota. With the Lions performing this well despite their 3-2 record, this may not turn out to be the easy game fans were hoping for, even with Johnson and Bush out, but it may be easier than they would have gotten all year, especially at home—so they need to find a way to take advantage.

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Just a heads up to everyone interested:  There will be a hosted live chat during today’s game.

You can CLICK HERE to get set up at any point, but things will be getting underway right around kickoff.

I’ll bring the beer and nachos.

The drama isn’t yet behind the Minnesota Vikings, but the Detroit Lions are still knocking on the door step.  Here are the best links we could find around the web to give yo your pregame fix:


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Earlier we looked at the quarterbacks and how they differed once adjusting for opponent. It’s time to do the same for the running backs. Unlike with quarterbacks, there aren’t a dozen ways to evaluate running backs, but there should be enough for me to bloviate through another article.

Running backs and receivers are of course more dependent on their statistics from their supporting cast than quarterbacks, making them a lot more difficult to analyze from a statistical standpoint (or at least draw firm conclusions from), they’re not impossible to divine either.

Though the Vikings have been embroiled in a running back controversy of sorts, the talent disparity between the two the Vikings have left on the roster taking significant carries is not as large as many fans think, including me. There is strong evidence to indicate that though Jerick McKinnon deserves much more play from the Vikings in order to build up a stronger and easier to parse resume, Asiata has received a little too much flak from fans and analysts alike when it comes to his impact on the offense.


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