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There are some periods in the NFL calendar that are so slow that a “Links of the Week” feature just doesn’t work so well.  With the NFL Scouting Combine starting Wednesday, free agency less than a month away, and the NFL Draft now two months away… that time is over.  I’m glad to announce the Links of the Week are making a comeback!  Enjoy.

  • I’ve been cheating on you with another blog.  Read what I recently wrote about Joe Webb.
  • The Vikings have reportedly struck a deal to play at TCF Bank Stadium while their new stadium is under construction.
  • We know at least one Minneapolis Council Member won’t be voting for a new Vikings stadium paid for with public funds.
  • Minnesota hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl in over 20 years.  A new stadium could change that.
  • Adrian Peterson can help you land an NBA All Star weekend… fully loaded.
  • Interesting article about the NFC North singles out Greenway as a negative, but Erin Henderson and John Sullivan as positives.
  • Even the most cynic amongst us has to admit this looks like a tough Draft for the Vikings to screw up.
  • Adrian Peterson reveals the reason he considered changing his jersey number, and the dollar amount that made him drop the idea.
  • Some rumors of a nose tackle the Vikes are interested in, and a schedule for the Combine.
  • Some excellent nitty-gritty details on the Vikings salary situations, including interesting details on Joe Bergers contract.
  • A scouting report that pegs Brandon Carr as a solid fit for the Vikings.
  • Alan Page reflects on his life in honor of Black History Month.
  • Charlie Johnson was on the wrong end of a lot of criticism last season.  You can’t criticize his durability, though.
  • And now, here it is, your moment of Zen:

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A week and a half ago we mentioned that Kevin Seifert of ESPN pegged the Vikings having $115.3 million in salaries due in 2012, leaving them with roughly $5 million in cap space.

Tom Pelissero has decided to pursue true numbers on his own and thinks the Vikings will begin the new league year with roughly double that amount of space.

Pelissero claims the Vikings have $112.4 million in salaries dedicated so far.  The salary cap number is calculated, however, using the top 51 salaries on any given roster which Pelissero puts at just over $110 million. 

Using a projected salary cap of $120.4 million, and an offset of unused cap space from last season, Pelissero concludes the Vikings will have slightly more than $10 million in cap space when the new league year begins on March 13th.

Pelissero goes on to project a total cap savings of $13 million if the team decides to part ways with veterans guards Steve Hutchinson and Anthony Herrera, in addition to veteran cornerback Cedric Griffin.  Even Hutchinson seems to realize his cap number is likely to cause the team to ask him to restructure or be cut.

“I know what the cap situation is and all that, but it’s out of my control,” said Hutchinson in a recent interview.  “Any player has to worry about that in the NFL.”

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Vikings legend Bud Grant has always been one of principle, modesty, confidence, and wit.  A recent three part interview at the Star Tribune is well worth the few minutes of your life to watch.

Grant talks about everything from protection of today’s quarterbacks, touchdown celebrations, Twitter, finding another gal after nearly 60 years of marriage, python hunting in the Everglades, and his family.

You can view the three parts by clicking the following links: 





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Christian Ponder caught a bit of flak from fans that, perhaps, read too much into his comments about his first few weeks of the offseason involved being lazy and video games.

Ponder is back to work now, as he has been spotted working on his passing mechanics on campus at UCLA.  He is working with Bruins offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone and his son, Taylor.

Ponder worked with the father and son duo for four months last offseason, as he prepared for the NFL’s process of evaluating prospects, which comes to a head during April’s NFL Draft.

Also working out on the field were San Diego’s quarterback Phillip Rivers and Denver’s quarterback Tim Tebow.

[NOTE FROM ADAM:  This is another installation of my position-by-position breakdown of the Vikings offseason.  You can click the links to view previous installments:  The Passers, The Runners, The Wide Outs, The Tight Ends, The Offensive Line, The Defensive Tackles, The Defensive Ends, and The Linebackers.]

Injuries.  Legal troubles.  Age.  Confidence.  Salary Cap numbers.  Talent.

These are all issues facing the various members of this Vikings secondary, which is why fans would just assume the team clean the slate, fire them all, and start over.

While the changes might be drastic, they probably won’t be that drastic, but things could get very interesting, especially within this group of cornerbacks that each come with their own dramatic storylines.

Let’s take a closer look.

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