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Fred Smoot Is Still An Idiot

The title of this post says it all.

However, as has always been the case, Fred Smoot is willing to say even more:

Thanks to the Viking Age for passing along that video.  I recommend also going over to their site by clicking this link and watching one of your Vikings heroes (not named Fred Smoot) practically pee himself right before your very eyes.

These ex-Vikings can really be disappointing when people let them on television.  I wish they could all be Matt Birk.

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Adam Warwas

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    1. To be honest Freds, I thought the interviewer was as much of an idiot as the interviewee.

  1. I was expecting much worse… I thought Smoot did a pretty good job of keeping his “Mouth of the South” shut. I agree with Coach… Interviewer was horrible.

  2. Who was the guy that interviewed the shut down corner? Does he have a regular show? You’re old pal has never seen him before. He is quite terrible.

  3. Freds, glad to hear if you had a do-over you would have stayed off the boat and you currently dont live anywhere near water. I’m glad you never lost confidence even after getting torched by Steve Smith, Chad Johnson and the like. Quite the entertaining interview tho, keep up the good work.

  4. Congrads to Doleman on his HOF nod. Well deserved. CC snubbed again really pisses me off tho.

    1. You’re very gracious, johnny. To have Chris Doleman in ahead of Chris Carter or Jim Marshall is an absolute travesty, but I do join you in congratulating Mr. Doleman. He had a very distinguished career. Any Viking in the Hall is a real reason to celebrate.

      cart, you OK?

      1. I cant argue with you on that Coach. I seem to remember you having a little problem with Doleman but don’t remember what it was? And ya the Marshall snub has to be one of the biggest mysteries of all time. I see Birk won the Walter Payton awards so congrads to him too but dang it I see Jared Allen didnt get defensive player of the year, I thought he would.

        1. Doleman didn’t play the run well enough to suit me, johnny, but he did play havoc with opposing QB’s and far be it from me to diss him during this wonderful honor. People love those sack numbers so that was sure in his favor. I don’t know when they started keeping sack stats – don’t think Eller, Marshall, & Page got the benefit of that recognition. They had a bunch, I know that.

          Ask me if I would have rather had Cortez Kennedy (also named today) or Jim Marshall on my team. Just to type that comparison makes me sick.

          1. Yeah Coach I hear ya on Kennedy, thought that was a reach myself. I think alot of ass kissing goes on with these HOF voters and if you’re not in their circle it’s harder to get in. I saw on a tweet somewhere where CC was considered a jerk.