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Make Em Say Vikes (Vikes) Free Agency (Free Agency) [PODCAST]

General manager Rick Spielman and the Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have been spending in free agency like there’s No Limit (not…

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Vikings Do’s and Don’ts: Week 10 vs. Washington

This whole losing thing is really starting to get old. Maybe the Minnesota Vikings could come up with a few…

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Bump & Run, Week 8: 16-0 is for Losers

In the triumphant return of Bump & Run, I give advice on how to cope with that obnoxious Eagles beat…

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Free Agency

With Three Open Spots, Who Should the Vikings Sign?

On Monday morning, it was announced that longtime Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Phil Loadholt had decided to retire. With his…

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Vikings Tender Restricted Free Agent Fullback Zach Line

Fullback Zach Line won’t ever get the blockbuster deal that dominates headlines during the NFL’s free agency news cycle, but…

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