roger goodell


Morning Joes – The Super Bowl Preview Edition [and LOTS More!]

On this episode of Morning Joes, the fellas discuss Sunday’s game, the Pro Bowl, the offensive line and much much…

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NFL Draft 2016

What Should the Vikings Do With Their First Selection of the 2016 Draft?

Finally the NFL Draft is here! Well, almost. At least now the league’s annual event is less than one month…

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General News

Once Again, Cris Carter Talks While Vikings Fans Cringe

With the Saints player suspension less than a week old, former Vikings receiver Cris Carter re-confirmed what many of us…

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Stadium Bill Gains Unprecedented Momentum

Vikings fans traditionally are not a fan of Roger Goodell.  After his visit at the end of last week seemingly…

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A Time Of Crisis Is A Time Of Action

With perceived threats of relocation keeping Vikings fans awake at night, a certain jet landing in L.A., and a bevy…

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