Stadium Bill Gains Unprecedented Momentum

Vikings fans traditionally are not a fan of Roger Goodell.  After his visit at the end of last week seemingly resuscitated the Vikings stadium bill, the bill now has momentum of the likes we Vikings fans have not seen before.

In the State Senate, the bill was passed along without any drama by the Senate Jobs and Economic Development Committee and up next is the Senate Finance Committee.  Finance could be the last stop for the bill before it goes to the floor for an actual vote, unless it is decided that it also must travel to the Taxes Committee.  The truth is that all stadium hopes could die an instant death at the hands of any of these committees, but all media reports seem to indicate a vote is in the near future.

In the House, where the bill appeared dead on arrival just over one week ago, the bill is rocketing back to life and it is being reported that a vote could come as soon as Wednesday.

Whatever Goodell said to the State officials last week seemed to do the trick, but don’t uncork that champagne bottles yet, Minnesotans.