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AFC/NFC Championship Picks
Jan 27, 2023
With the NFL playoffs now advancing to the conference championship round, here are both the AFC and NFC Championship picks.
NFL Playoff Picks
Jan 20, 2023
Although the Vikings may have been eliminated in the Wild Card, the NFL playoffs keep rolling. Here are the NFL playoff picks for the Divisional.
1 Viking Significantly More
Jan 15, 2023
All four of Garrett Bradbury, Blake Brandel, James Lynch, and Harrison Smith will play for the Vikings against the Giants
The Pros and Cons of Another Kirk Cousins Extension in 2023
In the Wild Card round NFL playoff picks, we examine whether or not the Minnesota Vikings can advance past the New York Giants.
Team in Football per
Jan 11, 2023
A Lovable Success Story: The 2022 Minnesota Vikings — Contrary to strangely popular opinion, the 2022 Minnesota Vikings have been a success no matter what happens over the next five weeks.