About Vikings Territory

Conceived as a place for friends to gather and discuss all things Minnesota Vikings, Vikings Territory has expanded greatly since launching in September of 2011. The site prides itself on now being one of the top online destinations for the latest Vikings football news, analysis, rumors and opinions.

In the spirit presented by Founders Adam Warwas and Brett Anderson, current owner Joe Johnson remains committed to enhancing the site in any feasible way, while also maintaining the original vision of a community atmosphere where Vikings fans from all over the world can feel comfortable and enjoy discussing their favorite NFL team.

Vikings Territory not only wants to be a community in its own right, but strives to be a part of the larger community that makes up the Minnesota Vikings fan base, both online and offline. The goal is to build relationships with outside individuals and organizations, collaborate with other great websites, and encourage talented contributors to develop their skills in a meaningful way.

You are encouraged to make Vikings Territory a part of your daily routine and you can be assured that there are many talented individuals working hard to ensure each visit is an informative, thought-provoking, and pleasurable experience. Actually, the goal would be that you find each visit to be even better than the last.

In order to continue to bring you everything Vikings, we’ve partnered with Lineups.com. Lineups provides NFL depth charts for every team and all the stats and data you need as a Vikings fan. You can find weekly Vikings matchup breakdowns, Vikings depth chart, Vikings snap counts, Vikings schedule and Vikings roster.

If you ever have any feedback for Vikings Territory, be it positive or otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about your experience.

After all, this site is intended to be custom-tailored for you:

The purple kool-aid drinking, thick-skinned, ever-hopeful, horn-blowing, Skol-shouting Viking that you are.