Minnesota Madness — Round 2: Cousins, Jefferson, & Metellus Survive as the Tournament Gets Cut in Half

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At first, there were sixteen plays. An initial round of voting has cut the field in half, bringing things down to eight plays.

Round 2 of Minnesota Madness is officially underway with a new cluster of matchups. Similar to the opening round, the matchups are determined based on when the game arrived. The “highest” game — Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, etc. — is getting put against the lowest game — Game 14, Game 15, Game 16, etc. For our purposes, Kirk Cousins’ excellent deep ball from Game 1 (Tampa Bay in Week 1) is getting the burden of tussling with Justin Jefferson’s sensational catch from Game 15 (Detroit in Week 16). And so on.

Readers are once again shoved into a ballot box with a simple instruction: pick whichever play you think is best within these matchups. The polls are included between the video clips. Collectively, the participating readers across PurplePTSD and Vikings Territory will be deciding which plays survive until Round 3, which will begin next Friday (full schedule and rules).

So, give the plays a watch and jump into the tournament by picking a preferred play in the polls. Round 2 reaches its end on Tuesday, February 27th at 12 p.m.

Minnesota Madness — Round 2

Game 1: Cousins’ Beauty Deep Ball
Game 15: Déjà vu with the Jeffersonian Brilliance

Game 3: Osborn’s Superman Score
Game 8: Metellus Tricks Love and Treats Fans

Game 4: The Hitman’s Wonnum Assist
Game 7: Jordan’s Charvarius Theft

Game 5: Patrick, Meet Danielle
Game 6: Scoopin’ & Scorin’ with Josh & Jordan

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