Harrison Smith Finally Decides on His Future

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There aren’t many players left from the previous regime as the roster turnover in the NFL is always crazy. With Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter exiting, two more staples have left the organization, following Adam Thielen, Eric Kendricks, and Dalvin Cook who departed last season. Harrison Smith, however, will continue his long career in purple.

Harrison Smith Finally Decides on His Future

There Is Harrison Smith News
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At age 35, star safety Smith is no longer in his prime, nobody can deny that. But he is still an important veteran and can make winning plays as he showcased in the 2023 season when he single-handedly pushed the Vikings to the victory against the Panthers. In addition to that, the impact he has in the locker room and on the field, helping young teammates develop into better players. is a valuable contribution.

Tom Pelissero broke the news:

Smith joined the Vikings in 2012 when general manager Rick Spielman pulled the trigger. It turned out to be one of his best decisions in charge of the organization. He has been a beloved member of the franchise ever since.

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After the final game of the season, Smith commented on a potential retirement:

Whenever I retire, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll figure it out. I’ll say this: It’s hard to have the ability to play and not have a desire to play. Whatever that gives you, I’m not trying to be ominous or anything. Right now, my shoulder hurts.

Harrison Smith

Last season, in a comparable situation, Smith accepted a pay cut to dodge the fate of his teammates Kendricks, Thielen, and Cook. This year, the financials made a release even more apparent. He stays on another pay cut, though.

Pelissero on X: “Harrison Smith’s new deal is for $9 million, per his agency AthletesFirst. Some cap relief for the Vikings, and a little more Hitman for Minnesota.”

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It remains to be seen if Smith continues to play in his huge role or if defensive coordinator Flores begins to manage his snaps, especially because the Vikings also employ Camryn Bynum and Josh Metellus, two outstanding performers in 2023. They could take some load off his shoulders. Flores was asked about The Hitman at the end of last season and the praise didn’t disappoint:

He’s very bright, he’s very talented. There is a want-to and a belief in himself and a belief in his skillset. He has really been awesome to work with. I think he’s Hall of Fame-worthy, I think he has already kind of, I don’t want to say cemented that but there should certainly be a conversation around that whenever he decides to move forward. Hopefully, it’s not anytime soon.

Brian Flores
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Through 12 seasons, Smith has racked up 176 games, made 1,039 combined tackles, 19.5 sacks, and caught 34 interceptions. He also forced 12 fumbles and scored four touchdowns. He can add to those numbers in the upcoming season.

The safety is by far the longest-tenured Viking. His lead even increased with Hunter’s exit. The next closest is C.J. Ham who arrived in Minnesota in 2016 as an undrafted rookie, four years after Smith’s first game.

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