Vikings Have Chance to Dominate Dead Period

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Between the flurry of free agency and the upcoming NFL Draft, news and excitement are largely non-existent. The Minnesota Vikings could change that and invigorate the fanbase by completing the Justin Jefferson extension.

Vikings Have Chance to Dominate Dead Period

There are no indications that the Minnesota Vikings are entertaining the thought of trading the best wide receiver in football. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah went out of his way to take that idea off the table during the NFL combine. That means locking him up for the future is and remains the focus. Obviously, it takes two sides to get a deal done, but at this point, it would be crazy to think Justin Jefferson’s price tag is unknown.

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Talking at the Super Bowl back in February, Jefferson said, “I want to break the bank, and I want to be a part of an organization that wants me and really gives me what I deserve. I feel like eventually, the Vikings will do what they need to do to have me in the building but I don’t really know at this moment. Only time will tell. I feel like I have the right people in my circle to negotiate and to do what’s right, and I feel like this whole process of how we handle things, I feel like we did a great job with it.”

The wideout knew way back in February he wanted to be paid handsomely, and his representation has likely outlined what that looks like in pretty plain terms to Minnesota. With a blueprint on the table, it’s more on the Vikings to hammer out the financials and make it all come together. Just a few weeks ago, head coach Kevin O’Connell said coming to an agreement is of the utmost importance. “We absolutely wanted to and continue to want to get something done.”

Minnesota general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah at the 2023 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, IN. The Vikings finished 13-4 in the first year under Adofo-Mensah’s general management.

Simply putting pen to paper isn’t where O’Connell stopped on Jefferson, though. “Justin’s a major, major priority for the Minnesota Vikings because of what he means to me as the head coach, the play caller. But also our fanbase, the Twin Cities. The impact he’s really had on our league is really not lost on me for one moment.”

The impact that O’Connell notes Jefferson having on the fanbase could be parlayed at this moment. Pushing the chips in and making a big announcement when other news has slowed would allow the Vikings to dominate headlines. The reality is that Jefferson’s deal will be monumental, and that should allow for the news cycle to discuss its merits for some time. Having additional positive publicity for the franchise is never a bad thing.

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Within a matter of weeks, the Vikings will likely select a quarterback higher than they have at any point in franchise history, and that excitement will trickle into the summer. Dominating the lead-up to that and having Jefferson all in for the long haul would bring an end to a waiting game no one needs to play.

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