The Vikings’ Perfect WR3 Would Be … Adam Thielen

adam thielen
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The Minnesota Vikings continue to be questioned as to their actual intentions with the third wide receiver position. Of course, Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison are locked in, but what happens behind them? There’s a fan favorite that could be an incredible homecoming story. Enter Adam Thielen.

The Vikings’ Perfect WR3 Would Be … Adam Thielen

When Adam Thielen went to the Carolina Panthers, he wanted to win a Super Bowl. Of course, he couldn’t have been seriously looking at that outfit, and while Minnesota won’t be in contention either, there are infinitely more reasons for him to return. Still under contract with the Panthers, Minnesota would need to get creative.

adam thielen
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As our own Dustin Baker laid out recently, Minnesota has a few avenues to acquire Thielen’s services. Doing so this season would require a trade, but the Vikings have cap space, and the pick compensation shouldn’t be expected to be hefty. Thielen has been surpassed on the Panthers depth chart by incoming wideouts, and playing for an outfit he already knows would be relatively seamless.

When the Vikings turned away from Thielen, it was because he would command a payday not in line with what his production could be for Minnesota. His quickness and speed had declined to a point where he wasn’t a realistic running mate for Jefferson. Now, though, he doesn’t need to be with Addison in the fold.

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Jefferson and Addison do the heavy lifting, while Thielen is the third wide receiver. He brings strong blocking skills and an incredible veteran presence. He has already been working out with J.J. McCarthy this offseason, and he was tasked with helping to foster a positive environment for a young quarterback for Bryce Young a season ago.

It certainly doesn’t seem like the Vikings are chomping at the idea of getting in a wideout capable of overtaking Brandon Powell or Jalen Nailor, but they absolutely should. If it’s not going to be Hunter Renfrow, then finding a way to land Thielen in a deal would be universally praised.

Thielen Forecasted
Adam Thielen answered questions on his mentality moving to a new state and playing with a new team. Thielen left Minnesota after the 2022 season, latching onto the Carolina Panthers for 3 years and $25 million.

The Vikings aren’t necessarily going to throw all of their eggs in the basket of Sam Darnold airing it out, but with T.J. Hockenson expected to miss a significant portion of the season, another sure-handed security blanket like Thielen would go a long way towards rounding out the offense.

You know the Thielens would be up for it. How about it, Vikings?

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