The VikingsTerritory Crew Reveals Fearless 2024 Super Bowl Predictions

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With the postseason now officially upon us, it’s time to reveal who the VikingsTerritory crew is fearlessly picking to be in Super Bowl LVIII on February 11. We asked five colleagues to see who they would want to play in the big game this year, as well as who they think will be in the Super Bowl.

The VikingsTerritory Crew Reveals Fearless 2024 Super Bowl Predictions

For outside views on who other sites are taking to get to the big game, check out the Monday Morning Quarterback staff from Sports Illustrated and their takes here.

Crew Reveals
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As the countdown marches forward to the start of the playoffs, who will the staff decide who gets in the final two? Here’s a full rundown of the VikingsTerritory staff members interviewed and who they think will make it to the last game of the season.

Of course, where better to start our slate than with our boss, the one and only Dustin Baker?

VikingsTerritory Writer No. 1: The Boss, Dustin Baker

Who Dustin Wants to See in The Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Rams

Dustin’s explanation: I’d enjoy seeing the Baltimore Ravens win the chip, chiefly because Dalvin Cook is on that roster, and Lamar Jackson deserves one before it’s all said and done. I think the Ravens’ time is now. The defense is also fantastic, and that’ll ring true in the postseason. The road to the Super Bowl also runs through Baltimore.

Full disclosure: I do not care about the NFC. I like zero NFC teams besides the Vikings. If I had to pick, though, give me the Los Angeles Rams. I picked them to reach the postseason in August when it wasn’t fashionable, and I don’t really hate the Rams like I do most other NFC franchises. I’m petty.

Who Dustin Predicts to be in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

His piece from August containing Dustin’s original prediction is available here.

For VikingsTerritory writer number two, we go across the pond to find our U.K. resident, Adam New.

Writer No. 2: The UK Gjallarhorn, Adam New

Who Adam Wants to See in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Adam’s explanation: The Super Bowl I’d like to see is the Baltimore Ravens vs the San Francisco 49ers. The two number-one seeds are the two best football teams in the league right now; that’s what the Super Bowl should be.

Who Adam Predicts to be in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs Los Angeles Rams

Adam’s Explanation: I believe the Ravens will be dominant in the AFC and get there, but their NFC opponent will be someone different. I can see a surprise or two in the NFC bracket, and the Los Angeles Rams making it back to the Super Bowl with the QB play of Matthew Stafford is the difference maker.

For our third VikingsTerritory interviewer, we will bring it back stateside, and we talk to Janik Eckhardt.

Writer No. 3: The German Man, Janik Eckardt

Who Janik Wants to See in the Super Bowl: Houston Texans vs San Francisco 49ers

Janik’s explanation: It can’t get better than watching dynamic rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud putting the franchise on his back, going on a historic playoff run, and meeting the 49ers in the Super Bowl, a close-to-unbeatable team led by Mr. Irrelevant. It would also be a reunion of Kyle Shanahan and his former defensive coordinator, DeMeco Ryans.

Week 5 NFL Picks
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Who Janik Predicts to be in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Janik’s explanation: The two teams have proven that they are the cream of the crop of their respective division, and with the added luxury of the bye week, they should be considered the favorites to make the trip to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII.

Well, that’s half of our VikingsTerritory crew in the set. Let’s get back to adding on to the VikingsTerritory set by going north of the border to grab Kyle Joudry.

Writer No. 4: The Canadian Viking, Kyle Joudry

Kyle’s View: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Kyle’s explanation: Too easy to say the Ravens and 49ers? Admittedly, the leadup wouldn’t have the same drama as Super Bowl XLVII, but the contest would be fun. Earlier in the year, the teams met in a game that resulted in a Baltimore victory. Seeing Kyle Shanahan try to get the best of John Harbaugh would be excellent television.

You have a decent argument there, Kyle.

Only two writers left for our VikingsTerritory round table. Next, we bring the one and only “Frey Guy,” Mr. Josh Frey.

Writer No. 5: The Frey Guy, Josh Frey

Who Josh Wants to See in the Super Bowl: Houston Texans vs Detroit Lions

Josh’s explanation: It’s always fun seeing teams who haven’t had a ton of success finally break through. Both Houston and Detroit have gone through dark times over the course of their franchises’ histories, but now, they’re viewed as up-and-coming teams. In the Texans’ case, too, they are an example of what is possible if the Vikings hit on a quarterback in the draft.

Who Josh Predicts to be in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Josh’s explanation: At the end of the day, no teams in this year’s playoffs have proven to be as complete on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball as Baltimore and San Francisco. They’ve both lived up to the challenge when going against the top teams in the league. They’re battle-tested and ready to make a run.

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Josh, you do have a very agreeable idea there.

And now, to close out this VikingsTerritory round table, we have none other than the man behind the writing.

Writer No. 6: The Ohio Viking, Nate Powalie

Who I Want to See in the Super Bowl: Cleveland Browns vs Detroit Lions

My explanation: I mean, come on. Two of the league’s original franchises get to square off for a chance at their first Super Bowl. Plus, the signing of Joe Flacco has led to a rather magical ride for the Browns. I would be absolutely over the moon if Cleveland could win a Lombardi.

Who I Predict to be in the Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

Yeah, I think this would be more reasonable, especially considering that Baltimore and San Francisco are two of the top teams in the league, with plenty of weapons on both sides of the ball. This one should be expected, but you never know what can happen in the NFL playoffs.

And that will bring an end to our VikingsTerritory round table. A thank you to all the gentlemen who agreed to participate in this session. Enjoy the playoffs, everyone.