The Ball Drops on the Vikings’ 2023 Season

Vikings Territory Breakdown

The Vikings hosted the Green Bay Packers for a New Year’s Eve party at U.S. Bank Stadium and the fireworks were all green and yellow. The Packers whipped up on the Vikings 33-10 and basically eliminated the Purple from the playoffs (they still have a 3 percent chance to make them). The Vikings trotted out first-year quarterback Jaren Hall to face the Packers in a (near) elimination game and the rookie proved not to be ready for prime-time play.

Before we lay the whole game at his feet (Hall played the first half and had one pick, one lost fumble and a 32.1 rating), there is plenty of blame to go around. The offensive line did him (or his replacement Nick Mullens) no favors; the defense provided no pressure on Pack QB Jordan Love, and he ate the injured Vikings secondary alive; and head coach Kevin O’Connell was outcoached by his counterpart from Green Bay, Matt LaFleur. It was a total beat down and embarrassing home loss in a season when there were only two home wins for the Purple.

The Vikings came in short-handed (like they have most of the season), but at this time of the year that is a forgone conclusion for most every team in the league. The problem for the Vikings was that they didn’t rise up above it and show up for this big game. The offense could do little to nothing and the defense even less, and what’s left is a near meaningless game on the road against the team that just popped Division-title champagne on your homefield last weekend. Plus, the head coach had not committed to naming next weekend’s quarterback after the game. It’s going to be difficult to get up for this one whether you are a player or a fan.

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