Lamb and Chase Won’t Top Justin Jefferson, but How Close Could They Come?

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When the Minnesota Vikings paid Justin Jefferson the most money any non-quarterback has ever gotten in NFL history, everyone saw the water level rise. As other wide receivers look for their ensuing paydays, they will point to Jefferson’s deal. His talent is on an island of its own, but how close can they get?

Lamb and Chase Won’t Top Justin Jefferson, but How Close Could They Come?

The wide receiver market has run rampant this offseason, and more than a handful of talented players have gotten paydays. None of those deals should have been considered relatable to Justin Jefferson, as he would always blow the market out of the water. They did prop up everyone else, though, and Jefferson’s tally should give players like CeeDee Lamb and Ja’Marr Chase something to strive for.

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Dallas and Cincinnati should be working on extensions for their star wideouts, but neither will be in the same realm as Jefferson. That doesn’t mean they can’t get close, though; just how much they are paid remains to be seen.

A.J. Brown and Amon-Ra St. Brown reeled in new deals this offseason, and their situations check in just behind Jefferson’s. Tyreek Hill previously owned the most lucrative wide receiver contract, and he now sits fourth. It’s hard to argue against either Lamb or Chase being a lesser wideout than St. Brown, and both are probably more talented than Brown as well. Finding a way to come in second is something that both should be looking to do.

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The longer the Cowboys and Bengals allow each of their stars to go without a new deal, the more likely each will miss a portion of training camp or worse. If the players, or more specifically their agents, are trying to fight for the dollars Minnesota gave out, their attempts should remain fruitless.

If they are seeking something near the top of the market and realizing that Jefferson is on an island of his own, then finding a new windfall of cash could come quickly.

A New Wrinkle
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It will be interesting to see how much Chase and Lamb ultimately get and if either gets done before the regular season starts. If and when they get paid, each will pad their bank account with generational wealth, even if it’s shy of what one of their competitors was able to haul in.

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