Justin Jefferson Signs and Purple Nation Sighs in Relief

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast

It happened. No, Justin Jefferson, wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, was not traded to the Pittsburgh Steelers (although the Steelers enquired to his availability). No, JJ wasn’t traded to the Los Angeles Chargers on draft day in order for the Vikings to move up and select WR Malik Nabers (although a trade on draft day did involve JJ, but that was the Vikings trading up a spot to land Michigan QB JJ McCarthy). No, what happened, in fact, was that Justin Jefferson (who goes by Jet rather than JJ) signed a contract extension to make him the highest-paid non-QB in NFL history. That happened. As many (decreasingly fewer as time went along) had said it would.

Jefferson will now show up at Vikings mandatory minicamp on June 4 and speak about his new riches, which include $140 million over four years ($35 million per year) with $110 million of it guaranteed (which is $10 mil more than his old buddy Kirk got in his latest contract, but who’s counting? They are). Jefferson will be a Viking (barring any unforeseen occurrences) through the 2028 season and he will be catching passes from the new JJ during that whole time. It is a new era, for the Minnesota Vikings offense and there is much rejoicing throughout Purple Nation.

I for one, and am one of them enjoying this news. I could not imagine watching Jefferson play for another team and am frankly not concerned about the huge dollar amount he will receive for catching passes in Minnesota. With other decent wideouts (CeeDee Lamb among them) poised to sign their own big deals, this one of Jefferson’s only stood to get more expensive the longer it took to complete. Now, instead, I can’t wait for him to start catching passes in Purple and setting more records as he has already done in his first four years in the league.

And as, Joe Oberle, senior writer for vikingsterritory.com and purplePTSD.com, I will be happy to join my co-host at Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast, Mark Craig, NFL and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and startribune.com and tell you just how ecstatic I am about this signing. It’s not a Minnesota Timberwolves NBA title-level of excitement, but I am still downright giddy over being able to watch this man play football for the Vikings. Let’s go. Tune in to VT Breakdown and check it out.

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