Does Mel Kiper’s Latest Mock Nail the Cost?

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The Minnesota Vikings acquired a second first-round pick with the idea of combining them to move up during the upcoming NFL Draft. How high they go remains to be seen and likely depends upon cost, but did Mel Kiper Jr. get it right in his latest mock draft?

Does Mel Kiper’s Latest Mock Nail the Cost?

There has been discussion for weeks about whether the Vikings have their eyes on a top-three pick or simply selecting higher than 11th overall. It stands to reason that a king’s ransom would need to be paid for the 2nd or 3rd overall pick, and that’s before even considering additional factors. Those selections will put any franchise in a position to make a career-altering selection.

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This season, the 2nd and 3rd overall picks are held by the Washington Commands and New England Patriots, respectively. Both of those franchises need quarterbacks, and they would be sliding down the board in dealing with Minnesota only so that the Vikings could grab someone they may deem worthy of taking themselves. For that to happen, there is no doubt Minnesota would need to give up both 2024 first-round picks, but a 2025 first would need to be included as well.

If the Vikings are going to grab a quarterback, likely the fourth off of the board, at the 5th pick or beyond, then it stands to reason that the compensation may be lower. Mel Kiper Jr. doesn’t seem to think so, however. In his latest mock draft, he has Minnesota moving up to the 5th pick and selecting J.J. McCarthy. There’s nothing earth-shattering about suggesting McCarthy would be the pick. He believes the return would be both this year’s first-round picks and next year’s as well. That seems steep.

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Should the Vikings be set on a quarterback of their choosing in the top three, then going and getting that player with no regard for the price is a straightforward suggestion. Ultimately, if Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell get this wrong, neither of them will be here going forward anyway. If McCarthy or whomever they believe will be available as the fourth quarterback is the play, then it stands to reason that a lesser haul should be required.

In no scenario are the Minnesota Vikings moving up without packaging both of their 2024 first-round picks.

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To get the 5th overall pick, though, including the 2025 first-round pick should cause some pause. Unless there are second—or third-round picks being added for this current cycle, throwing in something of such substance should provide a greater move.

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