Darnold Speaks and We Discuss

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast

The Vikings have a new quarterback. Well, they actually a couple of them: Sam Darnold picked up in free agency and J.J. McCarthy drafted 10th overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. But you knew that. What’s new is that those QBs have been out at TCO Performance Center practicing with their new team, and one of them, Darnold, the presumptive opening day starter, spoke to the media. So, what did the new Purple signal caller have to say?

He said all the right things, it seems, which is a good start. But what does it all mean? Well, the fellas from Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast (Joe Oberle, senior writer at vikingsterritory.com and purplePTSD.com and Mark Craig, NFL and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and startribune.com) have an idea and will talk about it. 

We also heard from veteran safety Harrison Smith, who seem to indicate this might not be his last season. The future Hall of Famer (in some minds—mine) said he “likes what we’ve got going on here,” and that bodes well for season number two of the Brian Flores Experiment. Smith has been a leader on the defensive side of the ball since he came to Minnesota, and it appears that Flores likes having Smith in his defense as much as Harry the Hitman likes being in it. We’ll discuss Smith’s presser.

And if that’s not enough, special teams coach Matt Daniels spoke to the media and talked a bit about his third-year punter Ryan Wright. Plus there are rumors and speculation of all sorts to be dismissed. What we hope is not dismissed is the Minnesota Timberwolves from the 2024 Western Conference Finals. Their backs are against the wall and we may just take a quick conjecture if they will come out fighting and stave off elimination. (At least one of the VT hosts believes they can.) So, tune in and check it out.

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