Chiefs Win—Celebrate the Champs (and Hope For Someone Else, Next Season)

The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions—rinse, repeat. Taylor Swift was in the house to see it. Airplanes are fast. The San Francisco 49ers did just about everything they needed to do to win the game (save for not muffing an important punt), but they came up one score short (they will be back in the conversation next season, if they don’t try to sign Kirk Cousins, that is). The season is over; let the offseason begin.

Kirk Cousins talks heats up again—a internet rumor has Kirk ending up with the New England Patriots and somehow the third overall draft pick migrates to Minnesota. We’re not sure how that works, but perhaps the Pats saw Kirk dancing it up at the NFL Awards show—the Achilles appears to be in Grade-A shape.

Speaking of the awards, we here at the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast (Joe Oberle, senior writer at vikingsterritory and purplePTSD and Mark Craig, NFL and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and are ready to talk about them. Craig is the local Hall of Fame voter, plus the NFL Awards, so he can break down the awards and tell us why Jared Allen didn’t get in the Hall. 

We will hit the Vikings news, take a big bite out of the Super Bowl and commiserate over Jared Allen once again missing his HOF call. So, tune in and check it out.