The P/PTSD Perspective: 5 D/C Surprises, Addison’s Jefferson Treatment, & Cautious Kevin

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PurplePTSD works in partnership with Vikings Territory, similarly doing their utmost to offer top-notch coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. As a result, we’re promoting their top 5 articles of the past week in “The P/PTSD Perspective.” Take a peak at some of their best stuff.

The P/PTSD Perspective: August 12th, 2023

1) 5 Surprises from the Vikings First Depth Chart: The first clue about the roster hierarchy is bound to create a bit of a stir. More important than what appears on the sheet of paper, though, is what takes place on the field. On Thursday night, fan and evaluator alike got a chance to see real football. That’ll carry more weight when it comes time to trim the roster down to 53 men.

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2) Jordan Addison May Be Getting the “Justin Jefferson Treatment”: Looking back, it’s a bit comical: Justin Jefferson didn’t start the opening pair of games for the Vikings. Week 3 of the 2020 season changed everything. More recently, Jordan Addison is the one who needs to prove he’s capable of overcoming a more established veteran.

3) Kevin O’Connell Offers a Word of Caution: No need to put too much emphasis on the initial rumblings about who is where on the depth chart. True, the regular season is roughly a month away, and yet there’s plenty that still needs to be determined. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how things shake out at corner and wide receiver.

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4) A New Home for Anthony Barr?: The veteran linebacker is looking for work. Seeing a veteran be a bit choosy isn’t altogether surprising. Barr joined the NFL in the opening round of the 2014 NFL Draft, so he has been around a while. Before long, Barr will put pen to paper as he tries to help a team progress toward a Lombardi.

5) The Road to 53: DT Calvin Avery is a Behemoth: Yes, he certainly is. Coaches can teach an awful lot, but they can’t teach size. Something like height and weight are just part of who a player is. When it comes to playing nose tackle, being a massive human being definitely helps.

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