NFL Draft-niks Ahoy! Time to Get Your Picks On! 

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast

At three weeks out, the NFL Drafts draws near like a Viking ship approaching in the gloaming—silent and foreboding. So what happens when all the eyes of NFL fans are upon Roger Goodell as he trots out to the podium, pick in hand, and awaiting a bear hug from the first overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft? Is it a quarterback? (Likely.) Are the Panthers trading or picking? (Picking.) And is it the quarterback you expected to be throwing to Adam Thielen next season? (Remains to be seen.)

More importantly, what will the Vikings be doing in the draft? We can’t say what will they be doing at pick 23 because the conventional wisdom (and recent history of GM Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah) is that they will trade out of that sport to acquire more capital and build depth into the roster they are constructing. Now, recent rumors have the Vikings trading up as high as third in the draft to grab their QB of the future, but the CW (and track record) points to trading down, stockpiling options and adding some picks to their scant five as of this writing.

Does defensive lineman Jalen Carter, the top draft defensive prospect from Georgia whose off-field issues have folks cooling to taking him in the top five, drop to the Vikings at 23 like Randy Moss or Percy Harvin in the past and become too good for “Swappy” Adolfo-Mensah to resist? Questions like that have mock draft makers making more and more of them each day to cover all the bases. And they have the Vikings Territory Breakdown guys, Joe Oberle from VT and and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune and losing sleep in worry. Well, no, not really, but they are ready to add their two cents on the whole proceedings.

There is more Purple news to cover this week as the draft nears and the mocks’ time will come to an end . . .  for a couple days, anyway. Tune into the VT Breakdown podcast and get geeked for draft day by checking out Joey the Geek and Geek Craig as they begin to get you prepped for the Purple’s picks.

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