Vikings Beat the Bears . . . and There was Little Rejoicing

Vikings Territory Breakdown

The Vikings had another difficult game on Sunday—particularly for their supporters. For those fans who wanted the Vikings to tank for the high draft pick, the 19-13 defeat of the Bears likely frustrated them. For those fans looking for the team to defend the NFC North with another title and a return to the playoffs, the victory leaves you wanting more. It came against the Chicago Bears, who are now 1-5 and headed toward the first overall pick.

The Vikings, who are supposedly better than their 2-4 record, should have throttled the Bears (particularly when their starting quarterback leaves the game with injury). But instead, they let the Bears and their backup QB hang around long enough to make fans (who want them to win) sweat out another one-score game. This win will look good in the standings, but it won’t feel good in the gut when you honestly assess your favorite team.

The Vikings could muster only 181 yards of passing and 46 yards of rushing. The offense could only push one score across the line and when they did, couldn’t get the point after through the uprights (the Bears special teamers blocked it). At least they only turned the ball over once (and came inches from doing so a second time) and won the turnover battle. But that was thanks to three turnovers created by the Purple defense, which turned one of them into a strip-sack (by Josh Metellus) and scoop and score (by Jordan Hicks) to bail them out in this one.

We won’t bail them out at the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast (we being, Joe Oberle from vikingsterritory and purplePTSD and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune). We will hold the offense’s feet to the fire (even though wideout Justin Jefferson was on the sidelines on Sunday) and implore them to improve quickly, as the 5-1 San Francisco 49ers come to town next Monday and we all know how Kirk Cousins typically performs against in prime time nationally televised games. We can only hope the Vikings play their best game of the season next Monday, because that will be what it takes. Tune into VT Breakdown and check it out.

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