The Vikings are Ohhhh nooo and 2

Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast with Joe Oberle and Mark Craig

They outplayed the Eagles for parts of the game but once again fumbled, stumbled and bumbled away a winnable game. That makes it seven turnovers in the first seven quarters of the season. Is this sustainable? Yes, if you would like the first overall pick in the draft. But that isn’t the team’s desire and certainly not (most) of the fans only two games into the 2023 season. Things need to change.

That starts with the turnovers continues with the inability to stop the run and finishes with the dearth of a running game on offense or any semblance of a pocket for Kirk Cousins to operate within. None of that is sustainable for a successful season that hopes for a playoff win or two. If you can’t run and can’t stop the run you can’t win in the NFL—even in today’s pass happy NFL.

Because the Vikings aren’t blocking very well for the their very effective yet unbalanced (passing) offense. Quarterback Kirk Cousins hung in their last season with broken ribs, but it is not going to happen again at this hit rate. And then we get Nick Mullens or the rookie Jaren Hall and the chants for Caleb Williams become all too loud and often.

Is it time for the panic button? No there was plenty to feel encouraged about in that performance last Thursday. But they don’t get the headlines, because they didn’t produce a win. So we focus on the problems—here at the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast (with Joe Oberle and Mark Craig). Tune in this week and see what the “grumpy old men in the balcony” have to say about this one.

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