Justin Jefferson Met a Legend of the Franchise

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Justin Jefferson is the main attraction in Vikings training camp, as everyone wants to see the best wideout in the NFL and the face of the franchise live in action. He is not only the favorite of kids who copy his touchdown dance – the Griddy – but he is also the favorite of legendary Vikings players who want to see him in person. One of them visited on Friday.

Justin Jefferson Met a Legend of the Franchise

Met a Legend of the Franchise
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Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter made a trip to watch his former team perform. Obviously, as an all-time great receiver, he wants to meet the guy who is breaking all of his records with the Vikings.

The Vikings tweeted this video of the two athletes meeting:

Carter was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013, and he envisions Jefferson joining him in Canton, Ohio, at some point. Indeed, Jefferson’s career start has been unparalleled. He came into the league in the 2020 draft, supposed to replace Stefon Diggs, and it took him only a couple of games to do that. Since that draft, Jefferson has comfortably led the league in receiving yards.

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No other player ever had more yards in the first three seasons of his career than the LSU product, who also set the record for most yards before turning 24. He led the league in yards as the first Viking ever. Not even Randy Moss and Carter had done that. And he did that by breaking Carter’s single-season record for the most receptions and Moss’ record for most receiving yards. Already having a remarkable career, Carter claims that Jefferson will even get better.

He tweeted: “I was really proud talking with Justin Jefferson yesterday. He told me he’s worked on a couple different things to make his game even better this year ????. The best Wide Receiver in football got better this off-season. Scary for the league ????”

Getting even better is indeed a scary thought for defenses all around the league. Jefferson has proven throughout three years that he is an outstanding talent and the total package. He is fast, big, a phenomenal route runner, and has excellent hands. Last season, JJ improved his skillset at coming down with contested catches, something that was criticized as a minor weakness in his game, leading to one of the greatest catches ever.

The 24-year-old needs 680 receptions, 7,558 yards, and 85 touchdowns to break Carter’s Vikings records. So the Hall of Famer is ensured to have those team records for many years to come. Longevity will play a significant role for JJ to come close to those numbers. He hasn’t missed a game in his career.

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Jefferson will be in his second year in the system implemented by Kevin O’Connell, which should benefit him as he’s getting more comfortable. The same can be said about Kirk Cousins, who has a wonderful connection with his young receiver.

The decision-makers tried to bring in some help for number 18. Adam Thielen was released, but Jordan Addison was drafted in the first round. Having a second receiver on the outside who can rack up yards and win one-on-one matchups would prevent defenses from keying in on Jefferson and get rid of some of the double and sometimes even triple-teams he regularly faces. Addison’s development or K.J. Osborn’s emergence as a genuine threat combined with T.J. Hockenson’s presence inside would surely help Jefferson continue his dominance and threaten even more records.

Interstingly, Carter also talked to Addison, who has a fantastic supporting cast around him to turn into the player he can be.

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