National NFL Analyst DESTROYS Kirk Cousins on MN Radio

3 Weeks Ago a Viking
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Just when we finally started to get over the Vikings disappointing loss to the Giants in the Wild Card round of the playoffs, leave it to a lauded national NFL analyst to hop on our local airwaves and pick at the scab, opening the wound once again.

Joining Paul Allen Wednesday morning on KFAN 100.3 FM in the Twin Cities and on iHeartRadio, Mike Florio from and NBC sports didn’t hold back on his criticisms towards the Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins.

Florio started making comparisons by highlighting the teams and the quarterbacks that are still in the mix for the Conference Finals round of the playoffs.

National NFL Analyst DESTROYS Kirk Cousins on MN Radio

“Joe Burrow is the anti-Kirk Cousins,” Florio stated. “Joe Burrow is the guy who, like Kirk, will have a great season…but when the lights get bright, you’ve got one game, and your whole season is riding on it. Do you crumble, or do you rise? Joe burrow rises, Kirk Crumbles…”

Florio, obviously referencing the Vikings QB’s struggles down the stretch of the final playoff game for Minnesota, wasn’t done yet, either.

National NFL Analyst
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“You don’t know whether a guy has that makeup and can do it at the NFL level until he gets to the NFL level…Tom Brady did it as the 199th pick, Joe Burrow did it as the #1 pick…Kirk doesn’t have it. You can take your rose-colored glasses and shove them up your butt. Kirk doesn’t have it.”

Banking on a career of historical evidence for Cousins’ struggles in primetime and in the playoffs, like many of us, Mike was really hung up on the final play of the game for the Vikings offense. Remember, that was the 3-yard dump down pass to T.J. Hockenson when the team was facing a 4th and 8 scenario. Naturally, the play came up short, and the season came to a screeching halt earlier than planned.

Kirk Cousins Is Getting Blasted
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) gets sacked by Miami Dolphins linebacker Elandon Roberts. © JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY NETWORK.

“The was THE play,” Florio exclaimed, loudly arguing against PA’s take that we can’t summarize the season by the final play. “That’s the season. That’s the incubator. That’s the test. That’s the accelerator…there are moments, there are opportunities, and they are fleeting…You wait all your life for that moment. When that moment arrives, what do you do…You either are that guy, or you aren’t that guy…Joe Burrow does it. Kirk Cousins doesn’t.”

Slightly taken aback, Allen took the opportunity, tongue firmly planted inside his cheek, to apologize to the audience, saying that he wanted to “wholeheartedly apologize to MN Vikings fans for the verbal macabre potentially ruining your days today” after Florio barnstormed the program.

As a frustrated fan base will tell you, the wound is still fresh, and that final decision to hit the 3-yard dump-off will remain in the minds of Vikings fans for weeks and months to come. Eventually, we’ll move on, but the memory of Cousins’ continued struggles in the playoffs will remain a cloud hanging over the organization until he goes out there and proves all the doubters wrong. To date, their arguments have only been supported by his postseason play.

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