6 Trade Down Possibilities for the Vikings

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The Vikings might be sitting in a prime position on draft day. The Vikings might be too far out to snag the top-end talent of this year’s draft. However, they might be in the perfect position to trade back with various teams.

Reports have come out already that the Vikings have laid the groundwork on deals with the Saints and Steelers. Now, reports have come out that four teams are exploring trade-up possibilities for a wide receiver. Chad Forbes tweeted this on Saturday:

This makes the Vikings an appealing team to trade with, especially since one of the best wide receivers is likely to be drafted around the 12th overall. According to the betting markets, Garrett Wilson is likely the first wide receiver off the board. Many mock drafts have him going to the Falcons at 8th overall.

The next wide receiver to go is likely to be Jameson Williams. Some experts believe that if it were not for his torn ACL, Williams would have been the first wide receiver drafted this year. In the latest Mel Kiper and Todd McShay mock draft, they have him going to the Eagles at 15th overall.

If the Eagles are genuinely looking to draft another wide receiver, teams might be calling the Vikings to jump ahead of them.

What Could Vikings Get in Return from Trading Down

From all the reports of teams looking to trade up, the Vikings might have their pick of the best offer. If this were to occur, what could the Vikings get in return from trading down? We will utilize the Rich Hill trade chart to see what compensation the Vikings could get from each deal.

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  • Saints – the Saints have two first-round picks that could be utilized in a trade. If they utilized pick 16 to trade up, the Vikings could get pick 16, 98, and a 2023 4th round. However, if they decided to use pick 19, the Vikings would likely get pick 19 and a 2023 2nd round pick.
  • Steelers – the Steelers, on the other hand, do not have a lot of draft capital to give up this year. Trading with them would likely yield the Vikings pick 20 and a 2023 2nd round pick.
  • Bills – the Bills would need to be quite desperate to trade up to 12th overall. To do so, they would likely need to give up picks 25, 57, and 130. Or, they could give up 25, 57, and exchange picks 89 for 77.
  • Cardinals – the Cardinals are in a similar position to the Bills. How much are they willing to give up? It would likely mean the Vikings walk away with the pick 23 and 55 OR pick 23, 87, and a 2023 2nd rounder.
  • Chiefs – Here is where things get interesting. The Chiefs need to get a good wide receiver to replace Hill. A trade here would likely include multiple picks from each team. The Vikings could walk away with picks 29, 30, and 135 in exchange for picks 12 and 77.
  • Packers – the Packers are in a similar position to the Chiefs. They need to replace Adams. However, the Vikings will charge their division rival a premium if they are going to help them get a top wide receiver. The Vikings could get picks 22 and 53.

How Likely Are These Scenarios?

The big question is, are any of these trades likely to occur? It is difficult to say at this very moment. However, I would count on the Saints or Steelers trades to happen before any others.

Another interesting caveat to these trades is that teams are reportedly more interested in trading down than trading up. As Adam Schefter reported:

This puts all the teams looking to trade back in a terrible negotiating position. Usually, the cost to trade up is more than trading back. If there is not much interest in trading up, don’t look at teams like the Vikings to get a haul for the 12th overall.