Kirk Cousins is the Best Big Kid

NFL Analyst on Kirk Cousins in Comeback: "He Didn't Do That Much."
Kirk Cousins

So, Nickelodeon gives out an NVP (Nickelodeon Valuable Player) award in response to NFL performances. Last week the Minnesota Vikings Justin Jefferson received it, but quarterback Kirk Cousins is why we’re here.

Justin Jefferson went wild against the Green Bay Packers. Sure, Minnesota forced Aaron Rodgers out of the game during week 1, and the Packers were dominated from the opening kickoff, but it was Minnesota’s new offense under Kevin O’Connell that stole the show.

After racking up a pair of touchdowns and nearly 200 yards, Jefferson was named Nickelodeon’s Valuable Player. O’Connell took the slime and was immediately a viral sensation. Still talking about all of the cartoon action on Thursday, though, it was quarterback Kirk Cousins that stole the show.

Meeting reporters, the Vikings quarterback rattled off his favorite shows from the longstanding children’s channel. Cousins noted being a fan of Keenan and Kel, All That, Angry Beavers, and Rocco’s Modern Life.

If you’re over 30, all of those shows resonate with you. As a fellow 30+-year-old, I didn’t know I could love Cousins more. I wasn’t a huge fan of All That, and Amanda Bynes has gone through quite the life story since her debut in the limelight. That said, Keenan and Kel’s spinoff into Good Burger was certainly something else. Attempting to compete with the Disney Channel, cartoons like Angry Beavers and Rocco’s Modern Life were absolute stars of the show.

Who cares if Cousins wins an MVP this year? Who cares how many times O’Connell gets slimed? Let’s just keep listening to the Vikings quarterback tell us how relatable he is to the middle of Minnesota’s fanbase. Cartoons hit differently back then.

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