Did the Vikings Win the Trade Deadline?

Vikings Net Big Fish from Lions
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports.

Tuesday’s NFL trade deadline was one of the most eventful in league history. Multiple moves were made across both conferences, and despite having very little cap space to work with, the Minnesota Vikings managed to cut a deal with the Detroit Lions to acquire a star player.

As the dust settles, here are five takeaways from the eventful day, including an answer to this question: did the Vikings win the trade deadline?

Vikings Went All-In… Sort of

The Minnesota Vikings made one of the biggest acquisitions of the day by trading for TE T.J. Hockenson from the Detroit Lions. This is a major addition to the Vikings offense, especially with Irv Smith headed to IR.

That being said, Minnesota didn’t even really give all that much up to acquire Hockenson. They moved back a round in the 2023 Draft and likely 1.5 rounds in 2024. If the Vikings want to make more moves this offseason, they’ve given themselves the flexibility to do so.

To fill a position that became a dire need with a top 10 player at said position is incredible work. Managing to do so without losing draft picks is even better. By this standard, the Minnesota Vikings should be considered winners of the deadline.

Green Bay is Stuck

The Green Bay Packers were one of the teams that didn’t make a move at the deadline, and a large part of that is due to them simply being stuck. They went all-in when brought back Aaron Rodgers on a monstrous contract.

Due to this contract, they were unable to swing a deal for a Brandin Cooks to help in the receiver room. Despite the offense looking smoother against the Buffalo Bills, this may be the final nail that the Packers simply are what they are for the rest of 2022.

Jerry Jeudy Stays, Chase Claypool Moves

In one of the more surprising moves of the day, the Chicago Bears traded their own second-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers in exchange for WR Chase Claypool. After a very strong rookie season, Claypool has dropped off over the past two seasons.

The intention with this trade is to give Justin Fields another weapon and see what he can do. However, it’s somewhat surprising, at least for yours truly, that they’d offer a second-round pick for Claypool rather than Jerry Jeudy. The Broncos receiver has taken a step forward in 2022, and he looks to have a higher ceiling that Claypool.

No Brandin Cooks Deal

Speaking of wide receivers not being traded, not only did the Green Bay Packers not get their hands on Brandin Cooks, but no one did. The wide receiver was one of the more coveted pieces at this deadline, with at least four teams inquiring about him, so it’s strange that the Texans couldn’t work out a deal.

Instead, the 29-year-old remains on the 1-6-1 Texans. Perhaps the cap hit was simply too high for Cooks moving forward, but his staying in Houston is my biggest surprise of the deadline.

Miami’s Big Splash

The Buffalo Bills revamped their defensive front this offseason to counter the Kansas City Chiefs, and now the Miami Dolphins appear to be following the same blueprint. They traded for Bradley Chubb by sending San Francisco’s 2023 first-round pick and Chase Edmonds to Denver.

Chubb appears to be on the road to a long-term extension with the Dolphins as well. If the Vikings aren’t the winners of the deadline, that title likely has to go to Miami. Chubb is a fantastic player and should have a productive career with the Dolphins.

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