When do we start to worry about the lack of Kevin O’Connell announcement?

Before your roll your eyes and move on with the rest of your day, admit it, there’s a modicum of worry in the back of your mind as well.

I mean, it would just be “the most Minnesota Vikings thing” ever and now it’s been a full 24 hours removed from the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl win and we still don’t have an official announcement naming Kevin O’Connell as the next head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

Since the report first surfaced on February 2nd claiming that O’Connell was the guy for the Vikings, we’ve seen progress in terms of reported placements for defensive coordinator and reports surrounding. Still, we knew all along that we’d have to wait until after the Super Bowl to hear any official news from the team.

Meanwhile, all the other open positions around the league were filled by the remaining top candidates.

And then Sean McVay opened his mouth.

It was just a day or two before the big game and ESPN asked McVay about coaching into his 60s. The coaches indecision led to wild speculation throughout the sports world pondering the idea that after reaching the Super Bowl with the Rams, McVay could consider stepping away. With L.A. winning the Super Bowl and McVay checking the Lombardi off his list, the thought and this possibility seemed to gain some steam. Next up, reports that ESPN would pursue McVay if and when he opts to walk away from coaching. To date, McVay hasn’t announced officially what he intends to do.

So what does all of this mean for the Vikings?

Ever since Josh McDaniels walked away from the Colts job after accepting and building a staff for it back in 2018, the seeds of worry had been planted. The thought that McVay could step away and O’Connell could stay in Los Angeles and inherit the Super Bowl champion Rams is on the forefront of Vikings fans minds…until an announcement is made.

To be fair, we never really knew how quickly this situation would rectify itself after the Super Bowl came and went. The Rams winning and KOC getting a ring has likely delayed the process since there are going to be celebrations, parades and the like.

But what if this gets him thinking?

I mean, the L.A. situation isn’t great for the long-term but there’s still a window with a competitive roster that is open with the Rams.

What if?

Those two words are a nightmare for Vikings fans as decades of learned fatalism begins to get the best of us. If something comes along with a worst case scenario or a poison pill, it happens to our teams. This would be said poison pill.

We’re probably over reacting…but it has been more than 24 hours of radio silence. We’re probably just reading into things…but remember what happen to the Colts? We’re probably making something of nothing…BUT WHAT IF MCVAY WALKS AWAY?!?!

Deep breaths everybody, today could be our day.

Aj Mansour is a member of The Power Trip Morning Show on KFAN and works for iHeartMedia and the Vikings Radio Network. He’s also a senior writer for VikingsTerritory.com. Be sure to follow him on social media for the latest Vikings news and big opinions – @AjKFAN

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