It’s time to bring these 5 Vintage Vikings sweatshirts out of the vault…

This last weekend saw Father’s Day come and go in the United States. While the day can certainly carry with it a variety of emotions, I’m sure that many of you were like me and found yourself digging through some photographs of dear old dad and some of them almost certainly featured some vintage apparel that only exists in these photographs.

Well, if I’ve learned anything from my Tik Tok savvy wife, vintage is back in style and people are paying big bucks to bring back some of the fashion trends from the 80s and 90s. Maybe it’s the influence of media like Stranger Things, or maybe it’s the next generation coming into disposable income, but bright colors, acid washed denim and crew neck sweatshirts are back…so naturally it’s time to highlight the ____ best vintage Minnesota Vikings sweatshirts that need to be a part of this resurgence ASAP!

Minnesota Vikings “Department of Defense”

Circa 1989, this “Department of Defense” sweatshirt embodies a few important pieces of late 80s apparel. First we’ve got the player caricatures a staple of this era highlighting distinct features with big heads and big muscles abounding! Then the screen printed signature, another staple of the era that added a special look you just can’t get nowadays.

The Hank William’s Jr. MNF Special!

We pop back to 1994 for another classic that just wreaks of all things 90s! Again with the country music star’s persona printed on the front, again the printed signature…but then there’s the starburst, the skyline, the big bold letters, the metallic 25th anniversary insignia and the “rockin’ & rollin'” tagline.

Looney Tunes “TAZ” Vikings crewneck

I mean, this one goes without saying…you weren’t cool in the 90s if you didn’t have a Looney Tunes character featured prominently on your sports tee or sweatshirt! This 1992 version features Taz, the coolest and most feared of all athletic Looney Tune characters. He’s sporting the single bar helmet, taped up fingers because, you know you need them taped, and the loose chinstrap…everything you needed to look tough on the gridiron in the early 90s.

Full Sleeved Expanded Canvas Sweatshirt

A whole new world was opened up when clothing designers in the 80s/90s discovered that the sleeves could be part of the design canvas as well. While they didn’t fully showcase the full “wow factor” when you’re arms were down, when your arms went wide in preparation for a celebratory hug this shirt really popped!

Vintage Championship Sweatshirt

This last one comes in a variety of styles but it features a division championship (unfortunately that’s all we have) and the date to let everybody know that you value history and you’ve been a fan for longer than the posers!

Honorable mentions – not sweatshirts but need to be mentioned…

Vikings Zubaz

Vikings Starter Jacket