Will Justin Jefferson Break 2 NFL Records?

Will Justin Jefferson Break 2 NFL Records?
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Justin Jefferson is undoubtedly the best wide receiver in the league. No. 18 leads the NFL with receptions (123) and receiving yards (1756), which puts him on pace to break two NFL records.

First Record: Receiving Yards

Will Justin Jefferson Break
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Minnesota fans keep hearing the number 209. That is how many yards Jefferson needs to break Calvin Johnson’s record of most receiving yards in a season. This season, Jefferson’s average yards per game is 117. Green Bay’s defense has allowed the third-best passing yards per game with 192.4 yards. It’s been 14 games since the last time Jefferson played Green Bay, where he had 184 yards on 9 targets and a pair of touchdowns to seal the last victory Minnesota had that was by more than one possession.

A notorious interview with Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander has been circulating where he testifies Jefferson’s Week 1 performance was a “fluke.” Adding some spice to this rivalry where Green Bay’s playoff hopes are on the line makes this one-on-one a can’t-miss contest.

Chicago’s pass defense gives up an average of 209.1 yards per game. The most pass yards they have given up in one game this season was 312 yards. This was against — you guessed it — Minnesota. Justin Jefferson had an impressive 12 receptions for 154 yards in that game back in week 5.

Will Justin Jefferson Break 2 NFL Records?

Second Record: Receptions

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Justin Jefferson currently has 123 receptions this season. Michael Thomas currently holds the NFL record for most receptions in a season with 149. This one could be harder to attain, but this is Jefferson we’re talking about. Anything is possible.

Between the two games, he needs 27 receptions. Jefferson has had 3 games in his career with 12 receptions but has never gone higher than that. In the most recent 3 games, Jefferson has had a combined 47 targets and 35 receptions, so he’s getting his fair share of targets to hit this milestone.

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Away Game Stats

Here are Justin Jefferson’s stats separated between home and away games.

833 total AWAY yards(138.8 yards per game). 50 receptions(8.33 receptions per game)

923 total HOME yards(102.5 yards per game). 73 receptions(8.11 receptions per game)

Buffalo, Washington, Miami, and Philadelphia are the only games Minnesota has played outdoors. Jefferson has 463 yards (115.75 per game) and 29 receptions (7.25 per game) during those games.

If you go solely off stats, there is a decent chance that Justin Jefferson makes this season one for the history books.

Notable Franchise Records Jefferson Has Broken

Last week, the NFL world witnessed Jefferson breaking the franchise record of most receiving yards by a Vikings. Previously held by Randy Moss in 2003. Jefferson passed this record in only 15 games compared to Moss’s 16. He also broke the franchise record for most receptions in a season last week. Back in 1994 and 1995, Cris Carter had back-to-back 122 reception seasons, and Jefferson currently sits at 123.

NFL Records Jefferson Has Broken

Jefferson will have the most receiving yards in the first 3 seasons of a player’s career as well. Comfortably in first place, Jefferson has 4,772 yards in his first 3 seasons in the NFL. Second place is Randy Moss at 4,163 yards, and from there, it’s not even close.

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For perspective’s sake, here are the most receiving yards through the first 4 seasons.

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One can’t help but acknowledge the company on this list — some Hall of Famers and a ton of future Hall of Famers. The NFL world is witnessing potentially the greatest wide receiver of all time.