Things Heat up as Trades Start to Happen and Vikings Rumors Circulate 

It's Kwesi Adofo-Mensah Day for the Vikings
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah

While the Minnesota Vikings have been busy putting together its coaching staff, there hasn’t been any movement on the playing staff side — other than yesterday’s signing of defensive tackle T.Y McGill, who is probably coming in as roster depth only.

The less patient of us is getting antsy for some movement. So when Jason La Canfora tweeted out the following Vikings rumors yesterday, Vikings fans were excited.

How accurate is that statement? Who knows. We will find out to some degree in due course.

Maybe they are thinking of going for the full reset and trading everybody away, or perhaps they just want to trade one, hence shopping everybody to see where they can get the best deal. We will only know what deals are made and what the Vikings front office wants us to know about how we got there. The rest is speculation.

With nothing happening yet, it is speculation season. The theories of what might or should happen seem to continue to get wilder. The Vikings have almost done a full reset on the coaching side, and while I understand the clamor to do the same on the playing side, it’s not so easy. Trades need trade partners and cutting players, plus taking on dead cap space, causes problems.

Then, you have a first-time general manager and head coach under ownership who have publicly stated they expect to be competitive. How bad would the Wilfs be happy for it to get while Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell implement their long-term vision? There’s fans’ patience. If we went down that route, I would be patient, as would several other fans. But some would be calling for everybody’s head after three losses.

Aug 19, 2021; Thousand Oaks, CA, USA; Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I think there will be a rebuild of sorts, but I do not believe it comes in the form of tearing everything down immediately and starting again.

Indeed, there is scope for significant moves this year, wanting to at least start getting out from the huge backloaded contracts our veteran stars have makes sense. There is also the opportunity for the new regime to make a few tweaks and have a reasonably good season. Even just a nine-win season would be an improvement on last year. It wouldn’t be significant for the Minnesota Vikings but could be for the careers of Adofo-Mensah and O’Connell.

It would show great confidence and bravery to come and tear it all down. The departure of Kirk Cousins would be celebrated by some.

However, the departure of more universal fan favorites like Adam Thielen, Danielle Hunter, Harrison Smith, and Eric Kendricks would be a tougher pill to swallow for many. Vikings rumors will continue to circulate over the coming days and weeks as things heat up as we head into the draft. As far as I’m concerned, it’s still as clear as mud what the new regime plans to do this season.

Over the next month, the picture should become clearer.