Pat McAfee Loves the Vikings, You Should Too

Pat Mcafee and Lee Corso at the ESPN College GameDay stage outside of Ayres Hall on the University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville, Tenn. on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022. The flagship ESPN college football pregame show returned for the tenth time to Knoxville as the No. 12 Vols hosted the No. 22 Gators. Kns Espn College Gameday

Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee has become a media titan and his soundbites often draw national attention. In a recent show he discussed the hot start for the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s hard to not get behind his emotions.

There’s no denying that the Minnesota Vikings weren’t expected to start this strong, at least if you believed the big national media personalities. The roster remained largely unchanged from where Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman left it a year ago, but that’s exactly what Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell wanted to inherit. There was plenty of talent on this team, but people in the wrong places to steer it.

Fast forward to where we are now and the Vikings are winning close games. They are coming from behind. They are overcoming obstacles. This Vikings contingent has leadership and resolve, two key factors that were missing a season ago.

On his show Tuesday McAfee said, “I am a strong believer in the Minnesota Vikings,” McAfee said. “I f****** love them. I f****** love everything about them. I enjoy the way their games go. I enjoy watching them play. I like the way their defense hums around. I like everything about this Vikings team. They’re electrifying on television and they’re very f****** good.”

I think it’s fair to suggest that, while the wins have been close, this team should be taken seriously. Maybe they aren’t the Philadelphia Eagles, but McAfee suggests otherwise.

“I don’t think the [NFL] fan base as a whole is ready for the Vikings to be the Vikings. The Vikings are really f****** good and now that we’re staring at Week 9…the Vikings appear to be a team. An NFC wagon. Just like the Eagles appear to be.”

It’s fair to want the Vikings to show up against the Buffalo Bills in two weeks, and they’ll be tested at home against the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, but the reality is that Kevin O’Connell’s squad has handled business to this point.

You’d be hard-pressed to suggest it crazy that Minnesota lose to Buffalo on the road. A more clear indicator of their true ability may lie in the outcome against both Dallas and New England considering both games take place at U.S. Bank Stadium. Those are the types of games good teams win, and this team is a good one looking for opportunity to prove it.

Among nationally respected media members, McAfee may be the loudest. If he wants to scream of the Vikings talent from the rooftops, by all means, let him.

Ted Schwerzler is a blogger from the Twin Cities that is focused on all things Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings. He’s active on Twitter and writes weekly for Twins Daily. As a former college athlete and avid sports fan, covering our pro teams with a passion has always seemed like such a natural outlet.