All the Vikings Statistical Rankings from the Mike Zimmer Era

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports.

The Minnesota Vikings turned the page on the Mike Zimmer era in January after the team finished 7-9 in 2020 and 8-9 in 2021. Zimmer was employed by the Vikings for eight seasons, tallying three playoff trips, two playoff wins, and the league’s 10th-best record on his watch.

Kevin O’Connell takes over, a first-year skipper from the Los Angeles Rams who was the offensive coordinator under Sean McVay. At age 37, O’Connell is the NFL’s second-youngest head coach behind his old boss McVay.

And the following is the resume from Zimmer that O’Connell will have to maintain or improve. Zimmer was famously known for a defensive brand of football, whereas O’Connell arrives in Minnesota with an offense-first background.

These are all the Vikings statistical rankings from the Mike Zimmer era.

Note: Rankings like “2nd” or “4th” for defensive metrics or “xxx allowed” parameters indicate the Vikings are quite good — not “2nd most” or “4th most.”

  • 1st in Defensive 3rd Down Conversion %
  • 2nd in TDs Allowed
  • 2nd in Passing Completion %
  • 3rd in Rushing TDs Allowed
  • 4th in Defensive EPA/Play
  • 4th in Sacks on Defense
  • 5th in Fewest INTs on Offense
  • 5th in Fewest Turnovers
  • 5th in Turnover Differential
  • 6th in Passer Rating
  • 6th in Fewest Penalties
  • 6th in Passing Yards Allowed
  • 6th in Passing TDs Allowed
  • 7th in Points Allowed
  • 7th in Passer Rating Allowed
  • 7th in Fewest Penalty Yards
  • 7th in Wins by 7+ Points
  • 8th in Yards Allowed
  • 8th in 25+ Yard Gains on Offense
  • 9th in INTs on Defense
  • 9th in 15+ Yard Gains on Offense
  • 10th in Win Percentage
  • 10th in Point Differential (Scored v. Allowed)
  • 10th in Yards per Pass Attempt
  • 11th in Turnover Forced on Defense
  • 11th in Total 1st Downs Allowed
  • 12th in Rushing Attempts
  • 12th in Rushing Yards
  • 12th in Safeties
  • 12th in Defensive TDs
  • 12th in 40+ Yard Gains on Offense
  • 12th in Wins by 14+ Points
  • 13th in Offensive EPA/Play
  • 14th in Passing TDs
  • 14th in Rushing TDs
  • 14th in Yards per Rush
  • 15th in Points Scored
  • 15th in Sacks Allowed on Offense
  • 16th in Touchdowns Scored
  • 16th in Offensive 3rd Down Conversion %
  • 16th in Completion % Allowed
  • 16th in Yards Gained
  • 17th in Passing Yards
  • 18th in Yards per Rush Allowed
  • 18th in Defensive 4th Down Conversion %
  • 19th in Total 1st Downs on Offense
  • 20th in Rushing Yards Allowed
  • 22nd in 4th Down Conversion Attempts on Offense
  • 22nd in Wins by 21+ Points
  • 23rd in Offensive 4th Down Conversion %
  • 27th in Field Goal Conversion %
  • 28th in Pass Attempts
  • 31st in Yards Per Punt
  • 31st in Extra Point Conversion %
  • 32nd in Extra Points Conversion % Allowed
  • 32nd in Field Goal Conversion % Allowed

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