Purple Pulpit #9: Stefanski Has Put Together a Tough Browns Team – Podcast 8 Minutes

Bob Sansevere, Bryan Miller and Brian Murphy

Keven Stefanski has become one of the hot newer coaches in the NFL and assembled a Cleveland Browns team with a shot to go deep into the playoffs.

Radio personality and comic Bryan Miller, former Pioneer Press columnist Brian Murphy, and BS Show host and former KQ Morning Show member Bob Sansevere chat about the Vikings’ game against Stefanski and the Browns in this episode of The Purple Pulpit.

Miller, Murphy, and Sansevere have a wealth of knowledge about the Vikings.

Murphy and Sansevere covered them for nearly five decades combined and Miller writes for “Quick Snaps,” a nationally syndicated segment hosted by comic Costaki Economopoulos, and often features the Vikings.

Purple Pulpit will have shows every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during the football season.