Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, the wheels are falling off in Green Bay and it’s a wonderfully unfamiliar feeling…

You guys, it’s official…the wheels are falling off in Green Bay and the Packers are in scramble mode. It’s been a solid week’s worth of disastrous reports and worsening reports coming out of the locker room and front office at Lambeau Field.

Now before all the Packer fans that stumble upon this article get in too much of a tizzy, let me address something. I’m not here because I enjoy reveling in the suffering of other people, even Packer fans. This is an observational post highlighting the reality that for the past 30 years Vikings fans have cheered for the team seems to breed dysfunction. All the while, Green Bay fans have enjoyed stability and comfort for as long as they can remember.

Moving on.

For darn near my entire life, the Minnesota Vikings have been a roller coaster of emotions to follow, both on and off the football field. Good years followed by bad years, mixing in national drama all along the way. Even with the good years, it’s ugly cousin disaster has been looming on the horizon. 

Seriously, think about it.

The ‘98 Championship game, 12-men in the huddle, Blair Walsh wide left, The Philly Flop all situations that broke our little hearts at their most fragile moments. Then there’s trigger words like “Love Boat”, “I told Percy”, Stefon Diggs, Croc-Gate, Sam Bradford, Tom Presso and more. THINK ABOUT IT YOU GUYS! Our stadiums have collapsed on us, our quarterbacks have suffered career altering injuries, it’s just become something we’ve come to expect from our favorite football team.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of the 90s, the Green Bay Packers have been the epitome of stability & success. They’ve won two Super Bowls, harbored two Hall of Famers, posted a 293-169 record and laughed at the Vikings’ troubles the entire time.

That’s why the recent scenario we see playing out in Green Bay is so weird. Minnesota Vikings fans legit do not know how to handle this. 

Aaron Rodgers is forcing his way out of Green Bay and he’s imploding the entire organization along the way. Having your hall of fame quarterback telling free agents not to sign in Green Bay, hearing that he’s hurling lofty sports themed insults at your GM and attempting to force out said GM as a stipulation for return, all proof that where there was smoke the past year or two there was certainly a fire smoldering underneath the surface.

It’s completely unfamiliar territory for Vikings fans watching the disfunction from the outside. But remember, it’s maybe even more unfamiliar territory for Packers fans on the inside as they have no basis for knowing how to handle a situation of this magnitude.

If anything, let this recent situation playing out in Green Bay remind you of a few things. (1) Nothing good lasts forever, especially in the NFL. (2) Maybe it’s the Vikings turn for three decades of stability and success!

Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, Kellen Mond…LET’S GO!!!