The Vikings #1 Fan, Grandma Millie Passes Away at 102

It’s hard to gauge who the biggest Vikings is. Do you measure fandom in memorabilia? Or is it weighed by the number of games you’ve been to? Do you need a Vikings tattoo to be the teams biggest fan? Or is it simply a matter of the heart?

If measuring by the latter, the Vikings just lost one of their biggest fans at the age of 102.

She popped onto the scene back in 2018 as a 99 year old who was new to social media. That year, the team surprised her with tickets to her first Vikings playoff game. A game that is better known today as the “Minneapolis Miracle”, would go down in history for her and for the team simultaneously.

Today, her family announced that Millie Wall, Grandma Millie, has passed away at the age of 102.

“It is with great sadness that I announce my Grandma Millie passed away earlier today at the age of 102,” her granddaughter Ashley Wall shared today on Twitter. “She was a remarkable woman who lived a beautiful life filled with faith, family, kindness, laughter, & love. She will be so missed by so many & she will never be forgotten.”