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Vikings finalizing multi-year extension for GM Spielman

“Hooray!” Exclaims about... 70? 80? Percent of Vikings Fans

In news that’ll shock absolutely no one (delight or anger some, sure), the Vikings are reportedly finalizing a mutli-year extension with their general manager Rick Spielman, per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

Spielman is entering the final year of his contract with the Vikings and was a shoe in for a renewal before and after the team also extended head coach Mike Zimmer in July.

Spielman is widely considered to be one of the best general managers in the NFL. He has been responsible for creating one of the most consistently successful teams in the league, both during his time as the triangle of authority and as general manager.

He has been also widely considered to be one of the best drafting general managers, as well, especially when it comes to the Vikings’ defensive picks. He and Zimmer also seem to work together well, with Zimmer being allowed to build the defense of his dreams year after year.

There are some who will bemoan this move, though, as they see the lack of equal offensive draft success, and the continued offensive line issue as signs that Spielman (like similar narratives about Zimmer) can build teams that can put together good regular seasons but that’ll never win an actual championship.

It is hard to argue that Spielman is a draft specialist, as he has out together drafts with multiple first round picks four times since 2012. Including seven first rounders between 2012 and 2014, and in the most recent draft which also was the draft with the most picks (15) in the history of the 7-round draft.

However, with Zimmer being extended this off-season, it was obvious that Spielman’s extension wasn’t far behind and with the fifteen picks that the Vikings just … Picked, it is also only logical that you keep both the coach and general manager who oversaw their draft in place to develop them as they are part of what I am dubbing the ‘Spielman/Zimmer II: This Time the COVID Salary Cap might Destroy Our Plans before the Offensive Line/Other NFC Playoff Team(s) with an mew Era Offensive Minded Head Coach Can’ team(s).

I guess it’s clear what side of the above I fall under. But, I also realize that because of Spielman and Zimmer I can be nitpicky and sound like I am whining about consistently being a contender but never actually contending.

We as Vikings fans have been spoiled by am organization that is one of the best regular season teams since their inception in 1961, but with Spielman (and Zimmer) it feels like the actual window of being thought of as a contender has been open wider for longer than past teams (outside of the Purple People Eaters and perhaps the Dennis Green era).

Let’s just hope that the COVID cap doesn’t ruin what they planned to build. Also, shout out to cap guru Rob Brzezinski, who has been instrumental in the above as well! The good stuff, I mean.


Joe Johnson

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