Minnesota Vikings/Chicago Bears Score Prediction Round-Table

image courtesy of Vikings.com

Minnesota Vikings/Chicago Bears Score Prediction Round-Table

In what is shaping up to be the biggest Vikings Bears game since the ‘Win and In’ Week 17 match-up from the 2018 season, Monday Night has all the upper-midwest intrigue of a Coen Brothers movie.

With an extra day between game-time, everyone is probably ready for this game to start already. But, for now, we here at PurpleTERRITORY Media don’t control how time works (although part of our five-year plan on Patreon is to rectify that whole lack of a single, unified equation to explain reality (between Einstein’s world and quantum mechanics, like string theory but with more results/virgins)).

Instead, we have the next best thing! Educated guesses! Let’s see what the fellas on both purplePTSD and VikingsTerritory have to say about the final score of tonight’s old school, Black and Blue division contest!

Joe Johnson (@vtPTSD) Owner, PurpleTERRITORY Media

The Bears offense has been so god awful recently that 2018 NFL Coach of the Year Matt Nagy has relinquished play-calling duties in the Windy City. That hopefully won’t make much difference as the Bears run game, which was already awful (as well) will be without its leading rusher in David Montgomery.

The Bears are so desperate for help that they signed free agent veteran Lamar Miller to help move the chains. This all seems to be to the benefit of the resurgent Vikings, who have yet to best the Bears with quarterback Kirk Cousins.

As long as the Bears don’t revert back to Mitchell Trubisky, who has clearly given the Vikings fits with his ability to use his legs to pickup first-downs/extend plays, things should be fine. Expect to see a lot more out of Cousins and company as the Bears go all-in to stop the masterful Dalvin Cook to hopefully avoid losing four in a row.

It won’t work, though, as the Vikings are flying high and will officially enter the post-season race with a definitive win Monday Night. Cousins’ first.

Vikings: 24
Bears: 16

Josh Frey (@FreyedChicken05) Writer

This game is going to be a sloppy slugfest, and it will probably come down to whoever has the ball last. Minnesota’s offense has been revitalized over the last few weeks, mainly due to Dalvin Cook. However, the Vikings have not exactly played great defenses in Green Bay and Detroit.

Chicago’s defense is decidedly better than those aforementioned, but they do have one flaw. They aren’t quite the most disciplined bunch. They have given up the second-most penalty yards of any defense this season, and Minnesota could be the beneficiary of a few holding or PI calls.

Aside from Chicago’s talented defense, there isn’t much to be excited about. David Montgomery is out with a concussion, so that brings their already limited running game to a standstill. They have the third fewest rushing yards, and their measly two rushing touchdowns are the fewest in the NFL.

Matt Nagy is reportedly giving up play calling duties to OC Bill Lazor, so that could bring a new wrinkle to the sputtering offense. However, the Bears’ quarterback woes have been well-documented, and it’s tough to believe how much can be done to fix that. With the Vikings’ young secondary starting to meld together, it could be a long night for Nick Foles and company.

Vikings win 17-10