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Top VikesGeist Message Board Topics for the Week [Our New-ish Vikes Social Media Platform!]

Is Cousins the Franchise QB? Is it on a D-Minded Head Coach when the Offense falters? Much, Much More!

If you’re new to the purpleTERRITORY Media landscape you may not be aware of our relatively new but none-the-less amazeballs social media features!

Like old school message boards? We got you!

Like to live chat live events? Yeah, we got you!

Want to create your own user groups with you friends? Got you there, too!

How about an internal Twitter-esque system that allows for hashtags, Instagram albums, video embeds? Oh yeah, we got that.

How about adding followers? Friends? Fully customizable user accounts with DMs? Of course we got that!

So… You can join by clicking HERE! It’s free and super easy!

Here are the top topics from the message board for the week, too!

1. Is Cousins the Franchise QB we’ve been waiting for?

Someone has to Say It. Cousins is the Franchise QB We’ve been Waiting for.

2. Is it on a Defensive/Offensive Minded Head Coach when the Offense/Defense falters?

Kirby asks: Is it on a D-minded head coach when the offense falters? Vice versa?

3. Can the Vikings fix their Slow Starts?

Can Vikings fix their slow starts?

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