Let’s Play Some Teddy Trivia

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

This Fourth of July weekend, let’s stray from our typical Minnesota Vikings lore and play a little trivia. My favorite former Viking, Teddy Bridgewater, just put his vehicle up for sale. Can you guess what Teddy Two Gloves drives, when he’s not driving offenses down the field?

A – Audi

Audi Concept

B – Corvette

C – Impala

D – Range Rover

Land - Rover

Believe it or not, the answer is C. Yes, Teddy the Throwman’s ride is a maroon Impala with gold rims, and per his Instagram, he’s looking to sell. To me, the car seems much more fitting of a man with a big fur hat and a long velvet jacket. That’s not who Teddy is, but this car — like his locker room dance video — confirms he has flair. 


This isn’t the only flashy car Bridgewater has ever purchased. Shortly after being drafted by the Vikings, he delivered on a promise he made to his beloved mom and bought her a pink Cadillac. 

Skinny knees or not, I miss watching Teddy play. He’s as classic as his car, and I hope he’s cruising it in some Fourth of July parades.

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