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Barr and Carr Believe this will be a Bounce-Back Year

Based on past trends and the present roster, the Minnesota Vikings are poised to bounce back from the disappointing 2018 season. Several insiders including Anthony Barr and David Carr believe the Vikings are primed for a stellar year, but is it too early to be drinking the purple Koolaid?

It’s that time of year — when football fans are busy making bold predictions about the upcoming season. While I don’t give much credibility to armchair quarterbacks, I do put stock in actual NFL analysts like David Carr. The former quarterback and number-one overall pick predicts Zimmer, with the help of Gary Kubiak, will win his first ring this year. “This offense will undoubtedly be better with Gary Kubiak and Kevin Stefanski running the show,” Carr said on “Cousins played some of his best football in Washington under Kyle Shanahan, whose offense is a clone of Kubiak’s. Kubiak won a ring as Denver’s head coach in 2015, and now he helps Zim get his.”

Carr isn’t the only one who expects big things from the Vikings, as team captain Anthony Barr recently raved about Minnesota’s budding offense and agreed that the team is on the brink of a successful season. “Every year that we’ve had a down year, we’ve always bounced back,” Barr said on Good Morning Football. “The masterminds they have on the offensive side are going to pay dividends.” As a player, Anthony is closer to the team than a reporter could ever be, and I trust him when he says this will be a better year. It’s also worth noting that during the offseason, Barr turned down more money from the New York Jets to stay with the Vikings. He obviously sees more potential in his coaches and teammates here in Minnesota, or he would have left for greener pastures.

Endorsements from respected players aside, past performance also indicates the Vikings will bounce back in 2019. From a historical perspective, the team performs better during odd years. Here’s a brief rundown of the past few seasons under Zimmer’s leadership:

2014: 7 wins, 9 losses, missed playoffs

2015: 11 wins, 5 losses, made playoffs

2016: 8 wins, 8 losses, missed playoffs

2017: 13 wins, 3 losses, made playoffs

2018: 8 wins, 7 losses, 1 tie, missed playoffs

Let’s hope history repeats itself. I think Spielman’s draft picks, along with Kubiak’s coaching, will propel us into the postseason. So grab a glass folks, it’s time to drink some purple propaganda.

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Gordon Guffey
Gordon Guffey
1 year ago

I total agree~Gary Kubiak will be the head man on offense and this is not a knock on Stefanski who is a OC in training~I also look for the offense to make big improvement just like it did when Pat Shurmur was the OC~The talent is there~