Introducing our New Tickets Page! Including Tickets for Vikings/Packers!

By Working with Multiple Ticket Providers We Can Assure the Best Prices in Town (Regardless of Where that Town May Be!)

Looking for tickets for this weekends game? Good news! We’re working with a couple of the industry leaders in Ticket Club and Ticket IQ to provide you with a few different options each week when it comes to being able to find the best deal to watch the Vikings or their opponents when the purple and gold hit the road!

We work with multiple Ticket Providers so make sure to check back each week for new offers and to read the entire page to see all of the options! Check our Tickets Page, also, each week (or even bookmark it) to see the options throughout the week/season as we’re always looking for new partnerships to ensure that you’re receiving the best offers possible!

Ticket Club (Click to Sign-Up!)

If you’re sick of paying high fees for individual games then Ticket Club is your answer! It’s name says it all as it’s a club, not solely a ticket re-seller! You pay a yearly fee ($10) to join the club and from there you’ll receive the ability to buy tickets at discounted rates WITHOUT FEES! Talk about awesome! Beyond that, you’ll receive a 50% discount on their premier membership just by using our code! Click the above, or


Since 2009, TicketIQ (formerly TiqIQ) has worked directly with ticket resellers, teams, leagues, festivals and venues in order to get you the best deals in the market. Through these partnerships, we have access to over $1 billion worth of ticket inventory on TicketIQ.com!

Because of our direct seller access, we offer a Low Price Guarantee on over 25% of all tickets we sell on TicketIQ. When you see ‘Low Price Guarantee’ next to a listing, it means that you won’t find that ticket cheaper anywhere. If for some reason you do, we’ll refund you 200% of the difference in ticket prices!

All sales are guaranteed and available for tracking on your TicketIQ account page. You can also reach us with any questions via email or social media. You’ll get a response from a real-live member of our customer service team immediately.

With over eight years of historical ticket data, TicketIQ is a trusted source of ticket market data for major news and media outlets including CNBC, CNN, Forbes, ESPN, the Associated Press, Billboard and hundreds of local media outlets. The TicketIQ blog is the best source of in-depth ticket market analysis and intelligence on teams, tours and events in your local market!


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