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The “Effin’ A” Q&A with Vikings QB Kyle Sloter

I spoke with the second-year quarterback after practice Monday.

8/13: Kyle Sloter. The “Effin’ A” Q&A is a unique training camp article featured only on VT. Players are interviewed after practice and asked a couple quick questions that Vikings fans want to know. Let us know in the comments section what you’d like us to ask your favorite player!

What does Kyle Sloter bring to the quarterback position?

“I bring a lot of passion to the game. I feel like I’m passionate about learning the game. I’m an athletic guy. I have the arm strength, the accuracy, those kinds of things. Really what it’s all about for me right now is just refining the mental side of the game. I feel like I’m a pretty smart guy, but in every offense there’s little wrinkles that you can get better at. So, I mean everybody has the big things down but what makes a team great are the small things. So, right now for me I’m just going in there every day and trying to focus in the classroom to refine the small things that I can do better.”

What are some of the small things you’ve learned under offensive coordinator John DeFilippo?

“Just things like when throwing a ball, having your hips right so you can be in line with a certain type of throw – whether it’s an out-route, a post or something like that. Learning how to affect the defense in different ways with cadence and motions. There’s a ton of stuff honestly. It’s one of those things where I probably couldn’t tell you off the top of my head. But on any given play there’s probably three, four different small things that you don’t have to do, but [doing them] makes the play better. It’s those kinds of things that make somebody good and makes somebody great when you do them right.”

Do you feel like you’re a good fit with DeFilippo’s RPO’s?

“Yeah. I mean I would like the option personally — and hopefully one day they’ll give it to me — to hand-it-off, pass it and run it myself. I’ve played in those kind of systems where I’m reading somebody to either pass or run for as long as I can remember in this game. So I feel like I’ve got that side of it down pretty well. Obviously there’s things that I could do better with my eyes – that’s really what it’s all about – having your eyes in the right place and reading things that way. It’s definitely something that I’m very comfortable with. I’ve done it a lot. I’m excited to do it when they give me the chance.”

Sloter had a solid Vikings debut. Against his former team in Denver, he completed 9 passes on 11 attempts for 69 yards and 1 touchdown. He also had 2 rushes for 19 yards with a touchdown on the ground.

The 24 year-old is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Minnesota. With three more preseason games, another performance or two like the one Saturday night could make things interesting between Sloter and current Vikings backup QB Trevor Siemian.

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