Report: Vikings Violated Rules with Cousins Visit

Team may be penalized a 2019 draft pick

According to ProFootballTalk, the Vikings may have broken league rules by arranging a visit with quarterback Kirk Cousins before free agency officially opened. Teams are allowed to speak with unrestricted free agents and their representatives but cannot schedule meetings with the players before March 14th.

PFT’s Mike Florio said on KFAN radio the Vikings may be penalized by forfeiting a 2019 draft pick for violating these rules. It’s unclear if the Vikings “arranged” the visit for Cousins in violation of the league policy, but VT will keep you updated with the latest developments.

For a complete look at the NFL’s Anti-Tampering Policy, click here. Thanks go out to the Cleveland Browns fans of DawgTalkers.net for posting that.

Cousins is expected to travel to the Twin Cities tomorrow. He’ll visit with the Vikings brass, check out the new facility and sign a fully guaranteed three-year contract worth $86 million.

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and previously wrote for Rant Sports. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBoarMan.

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  1. Won’t it strike anyone who finds this column as idiotic parroting someone like Florio, who goes out of his way to be splashy and provocative, aware that he can bury each miss with the next new take. At least, he’s original.

  2. Sorry but I feel that Cousins is a mistake of MAJOR proportions and that signing him will set team back. Also it will end up hurting the defense in the long term. Bring back Keenum and pass on Cousins not ready to be behind Lions.

  3. The thing that is incredibly dumb about the PROPOSED Cousins deal is the amount of GUARANTEED money. PLEASE EXPLAIN’

  4. PFT’s Mike Florio is a story within himself ~ If he got as many right as he has gotten wrong ~ Well you know the rest ~ I love to read PFT.com but put very little stock in news when they are the one’s breaking it ~ LOL

    And since Case wasn’t their man I’m happy they got Kirk ~ So dont like him or his contract ~ I’m the wait and see kind of guy ~ They have been reworking and saving money to sign a QB like this since Teddy blew out his knee ~ They reworked Griffin and Joseph’s contract just this past season ~ Spielman and Zimmer have a plan and its not like the Vikings don’t have any money left ~

    Yeah they have other to sign like Berger and they will get than done too ~ Well those they plan on keeping ~ There come a time when you have to start replacing players and yes very good players too ~ No team can field a roster of 53 very good to outstanding players ~ The cap is meant to keep that from happening or the richest owners would be the only ones winning ~

    I could see the 2018 draft as a gateway to free agents they might not be willing to resign this year or next ~ LBer and DB come to mind ~ And unless Hunter has a breakthrough season in 2018 he isn’t going to be as hard to resign as many once thought he would be after the 12 sack 2016 season when he was a fresh #3 DE coming off the bench ~

    JMHO ~ As always I could be wrong ~ Just ask my ex~wife if you don’t believe me ~ LOL

  5. Would be so NFL like the gank Vikings like that but somehow the Packers put Rodgers back on ir and he didn’t have to become a free agent