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REPORTS: Vikings to Re-Sign Stefon Diggs to 5-Year Extension

Talk about waking up to good news.

According to multiple sources the Minnesota Vikings are closing in a five-year extension for wide receiver Stefon Diggs. The deal will keep Diggs in purple for the next six seasons. The news was first reported by Tom Pelissero of


Adam Schefter of ESPN reported the contract is for five seasons. Diggs will be under contract through the 2023 season. Schefter later reported the deal will be signed Tuesday.

According to Ben Goessling of the Star Tribune, Diggs’ contract is expected to be roughly $14 million per season.

Diggs, 24, was a fifth-round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. He caught 64 passes for 849 yards with 8 touchdowns last season. In his three-year career he has 200 receptions for 2,472 yards and 15 touchdowns in 40 games.

No catch was more memorable than his being on the receiving end of the “Minneapolis Miracle,” a 61-yard walk-off touchdown that propelled the Vikings into the NFC Championship Game last January.

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and is an IT nerd by day. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBormanNFL.

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  1. I missed out on this one ~ I thought Barr would be the first one resigned ~ I’m not sure how you can make since out of this to Thielen ~ 14 million a year to a guy who has averaged 824 yard over 3 seasons while missing 8 games ~ ??? While Diggs had a bigger 2015 season over the last two years it worked out different ~ Thielen has 2243 over the last 2 years with 10 TD’s and has never missed a game ~ Digg’s has 1752 with 15 TD’s while missing 5 games in in the same time span ~

    It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with health for me ~ Is there some way to look up past injury reports ~ ??? Because I know there are a number of games where Diggs was far less than 100% and was basically a decoy ~

    But as a fan I’m happy ~ But an 8 million a year difference ~ ??? Really ~ ???

    This is one signing I’m going to be watching because of injuries not talent because it worries me ~ It’s the first questionable signing IMHO since Zimmer became the HC ~ I know some felt the same way about them signing Remmers and Reiff last offseason were as I didn’t ~ So who knows ~ ???

    1. In the current wide receiver market, Gordon, I don’t think this is a questionable signing at all. Watkins has health issues, Robinson has health issues, Diggs has health issues.

      I’m not sure how the signing bonus will be structured/prorated, but Thielen and Diggs will probably not be as far apart this season as they would have been with Diggs as underpaid as he was going to be, and NEXT year, Thielen should get an extension with two years left on his contract, as they did for Griffen and, I think, Rudolph. I would bet that Diggs and Thielen will end up with nearly identical average annual values (AAV’s) for the life of their two contracts from 2019 going forward, which is kind of what the team did with Griffen and Hunter.

      “Talk about waking up to good news.” Amen, Sean, Amen.

      1. You could very well be right cka2nd ~ I saw the signing and the money and I just about jumped out of my chair ~ They overpaid and I know sometime you have too but not that much ~ But as always I could be wrong and I hope I am ~ Just that little gut feel worries me ~ Maybe I’m just hungry ~ LOL

      2. cka2nd as always when it comes to the Vikings I will in the end lean on Spielman~Zimmer~DeFilippo and the rest of the offensive staff when it comes to these matter because we know they have just a little bit more knowledge in these subjects than I do ~ Just a little bit more ~ Not much though ~ LOL

  2. OK I feel much better about the signing now after having some time to think about it and then seeing this ~ I was really worried about Thielen not being happy and in a bad way ~ I should have known better ~ I should have ~

    Adam Thielen

    Congrats to my guy! So happy and proud of you bro! One of the real ones right here #letsgoooooo

    Minnesota Vikings

    All the way to the bank!

    Congrats, @stefondiggs!

      1. Finally Ate Gordon ~ I am Gordon silly ~ LOL

        Yeah I have had kind of a love hate thing with Diggs and him getting big money are missing so many games going back to his college days ~ I want lie I was very much on the fence about this new deal ~ Who am I kidding ~ I fell off the dang fence ~

        I love Diggs like I do all Vikings players ~ I’m a Viking homer ~ Great talent ~ But his injury history has made me fear the day he signed his next contract for some time now ~ But that’s all behind me now ~ The shock has worn off and I ate some grapes ~ 🙂

        Well my hope is he can find a way to kick his injury bug to the curb ~ Like Robert Smith did ~ Sorry for being such a drama queen ~ Can I blame it on my pain meds ~ LOL

      2. One last thing and I leave this alone ~ Minnesota has $9.822 million in salary cap space left for 2018 ~ That was another worry for me on the Diggs deal ~ Now I wonder if the Vikings resign Barr who is already counting $12,306,000 million on the cap for 2018 ~??? I don’t see him getting anything more from the Vikings in a new deal ~ If he even gets $12,306,000 ~ I just see maybe some years added and a signing bonus ~ I wonder if he will be the first defensive core player Zimmer is ready to let walk or maybe even traded in 2019 if the Vikings put the F~Tag on him ~

        It has to start somewhere ~ The biggest name for the Vikings in 2019 will be Richardson~Barr~Easton~Murray~Hill and then there is Trae Waynes to think about {{{ if they want to keep him }}} also

        2019 Total Cap Liabilities: $193,809,603 Top 51: $184,119,603Team Cap Space: $5,880,397

        Offense: $92,467,454Defense: $99,750,146Special: $1,592,003